What is the Full Form of ddo? – ddo full form

Question : डीडीओ क्या है ? (DDO Full Form)

DDO: Drawing and Disbursing Officer

Other DDO Full Form

  1. DDO – Drawing and Disbursing Officer
  2. DDO – Discrete Digital Output
  3. DDO. – Designated Detention Officer

What is the full form of DDO?

cheque drawing ddo means a drawing as well as disbursing some officer functioning under a ministry or department who is authorised to draw money for a identifed types of payments against an assignment main account or letter of credit account opened in his favour in a identifed branch of an accredited bank.

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The Drawing & Disbursing Officer is personally responsible for the correct maintenance as well as timely rendition of main accounts or returns in respect of public more funds or shops handled in his branch.

DDO Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Drawing and Disbursing Officer Indian Government DDO
Dynamic Drive Overlay Softwares DDO
Disk Drive Overlay Softwares DDO
Device Driver Overlay Softwares DDO
Discrete Digital Output Space Science DDO
Data Dictionary Object Database Management DDO
Dominion Drop Out Sports DDO
Deputy Director of Operations Military and Defence DDO

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