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What Tech Degree Is Perfect For You?

The future is technology. For a long time, people envisioned it in films and books. Today, it’s no longer a dream or a subgenre of sci-fi. 

The relevance of jobs related to big data and cloud innovations increased by 57% in 2021. Meanwhile, digital media and mobile developer positions doubled and became in demand. You might find tech everywhere, from health and remote medicine to data-centric AI. So, if you feel inclined to this area, you should look for options.

What Tech Degree Is Perfect For You
What Tech Degree Is Perfect For You


Technology degrees offer you to discover your full potential and contribute to the common cause. Almost every major involves questions like “how to write my papers in time” and “how to increase my studying efficiency,” but you want to find a branch that would be perfect for you. 

As a recent high school graduate or someone who wants to continue their education, you might feel confused or lost. No worries, the IT and technology industry is not a monolith, so you can expect to find your niche.

Tech Degree Is Perfect For You
Tech Degree Is Perfect For You



What Are the Types of Tech Degrees?

Before asking yourself what you would like to do, you should investigate the types of tech degrees out there. Carefully learn all aspects of the field and make a list of degrees that sound appealing to you. Some areas are well established, and some of them are just emerging. There are several most common degrees you will find out there:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Big Data
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Forensics
  • Computer Networking
  • Computer Programming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data Analytics
  • Educational Technology
  • Information Systems Security
  • Information Technology (general)
  • Information Technology Project Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Technology Management.

There’s much more to add to the list since you can choose a major and minor discipline of your focus. It is normal to focus on more general fields. You can narrow your interest after some time. 

Also, many colleges develop new programs you won’t find in any other place. You might want to explore what degrees the colleges you intend to visit have to offer. You might discover the right program you didn’t consider before and apply to it. 

Identify Your Strengths 

You can start by listing your skills, values, and interests. All of these aspects usually intertwine, so it should be easier to choose what program is most applicable to you. However, sometimes you may struggle with a subject you are passionate about, and the list may help you prepare for your studies beforehand. 


It is one of the toughest aspects every student has to identify. People tend to change their interests or go in opposite directions after some hands-on experience with their previous studies. Don’t be too critical of yourself because changing your major is far from the end of the world. However, give yourself enough time to choose something that will keep your interest in the long run.

It is also possible to find a degree they love for people who have multiple interests at once. For instance, you can make a safe choice with Information Technology with a focus on Information System Security. Or you can apply for General Technology with a focus on Technology Management. 


Your values can be a driving force behind your choice. Whether you want to make the technological world safer or improve the quality of the healthcare system, these desires will be your guides.  

You can look for Cybersecurity or Health Information Management (HIM). For instance, the HIM degree includes process and store data study according to healthcare needs.


Be honest with yourself when answering what are your strongest skills. If you are naturally good with fixing hardware, look up to take your skills to another level with Automotive Technology or Robotics. If you feel like fish in the water with software, look out for Machine Learning and AI. Developing your talents can be one of the greatest investments. 

What Positions Are in Demand?

If you look from a more practical perspective, you can look at the list of top in-demand jobs. The industry is constantly expanding, and you can see what specialists predict to be relevant within several years. It means you will have a niche, a higher salary, and the potential to grow in the field. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following list of occupations is predicted to grow 13% by 2030:

  • Computer and information research scientist; 
  • Computer network architect; Information security analyst; 
  • Programmers and Software Engineers; 

What Tech Trends Will Be Relevant?

Another practical approach to figuring out your perfect college degree is to look at the trends in the fast-paced industry. Just like when looking for jobs, you can focus on a specific area and then have the freedom to choose your niche.

Specialists predict the following trends to dominate the industry by 2030:

  • Process automation and virtualization
  • Applied AI
  • Connectivity
  • Clean Technologies
  • Big Data and Data analytics
  • Trust network architecture.

Do I Need to Enroll in College, or Are Specialized Courses Enough to Land a Job in Tech?

Time is the core aspect that differentiates an IT course and a college program. College takes up to four years, depending on whether you apply for a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Courses take much less time, sometimes less than four months to provide you with the concentrated knowledge base you need at your job. 

The main benefit of the college is that you get much more than just a baseline understanding of the subject. You get to develop soft skills and learn how to navigate in a diverse community. IT courses are a perfect opportunity to upgrade your qualification or change your career path.  

You can always try out some courses before looking for a college. Having the possibility to finish a course via online platforms is proof that tech is not staying in the same place. You have a chance to discover how you can contribute to it. 

The Bottom Line

The world of tech provides people of all ages and interests with opportunities. You never know how you can change the industry with your innovative outlook on problems. Whatever you sign up for, you should feel confident in your choice. 

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