Why use Angular? – 10 proven reasons to choose Angular for your next web app project

why use angular : There are many programming languages using which you can build your application like Java, C++, React.Js, JavaScript, and so on. However, the most trending platform being used nowadays across the world is AngularJs.

why use angular?

It is a framework structure where you need to write codes in the HTML format to create the app’s template. Once done, you can extend the code to include different modules for the varied functionalities of the application.

This is Why use Angular has become so popular for the development of dynamic web applications among the AngularJS development companies. 

Despite the platform becoming so popular, many developers are a bit skeptical in using the AngularJs platform for writing the HTML codes and then extending it to complete the application development.

So, for them here we have discussed the top ten advantages of the programming language that will make your upcoming app development project easier and smoother.

1. Provides a MVC architecture

As AngularJS is based on the Model View Controller architecture, you will be able to split the entire HTML code that will overlook the three main functionalities of the application- interface, framework, and functionality. With the MVC architecture, you can:

  • Supports the asynchronous development technique,
  • Can handle multiple views at a time,
  • Makes the development process faster,
  • Large and complex dynamic web apps can be developed, and
  • No need to format the codes.
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2. Allows to create appealing UI

User Interface is one of the main components of the applications which can be developed and modified separately using AngularJS. Moreover, the platform provides certain readymade UI frameworks which makes the work easier and provides the developer enough time to build an appealing and efficient UI.

The most popular UI frameworks you can use with AngularJS are:

  • Suave
  • PrimeNG
  • QuantumUI
  • Angular UI Tree
  • UI Bootstrap

3. Hassle-free coding

One of the main reasons for which you should use the AngularJS platform for your next app development project is the lesser coding feature. Unlike the traditional platforms where you need to perform hardcore coding and that also with higher levels of complexity, AngularJS allows the developers to write codes in HTML formats.

With just the basic knowledge about HTML and CSS, you can easily develop the app codes without leaving rooms for errors and glitches.

4. Easier testing processes

Testing is one of the crucial parts of app development that needs to be done flawlessly. However, the traditional testing procedures are cumbersome and time consuming. That’s why AngularJS has included a feature named as Dependency Injection (DI) using which you can scan the entire app and detect the areas which are vulnerable or filled with bugs and errors.

This will allow the testers to focus only on those areas, identify the issues, and convey it to the developers. Hence, the developers won’t have to check the entire code to identify where the bug is.

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5. Can create different modules

With the help of AngularJS, you can divide the entire program into multiple modules based on the app’s functionality. For example, you can make one module which will handle the UI codes while another module for designing the frameworks.

You can even divide the app’s features into modular so that while updating the app or fixing the errors, you can work only on the required modules.

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6. Has different filters

One of the most important features of AngularJS is that the platform offers multiple filters that you can use to identify certain blocks of your HTML code. Such a feature is not available in any other traditional programming languages used for app development.

7. Helps in speeding the development

Application development might look easier. But in reality, the process is very time-consuming as it consists of five major phases- designing, development, testing, deployment, and launch.

With the help of AngularJS, you can shorten the app development process as you will get readymade frameworks. Coding with HTML is much easier and faster, especially with the MVC architecture, and for testing, you have the Dependency Injection feature.

8. Allows data binding

With the help of AngularJS, you will be able to implement 2-way data binding which will integrate the UI module into the app’s display. As a result, you can easily connect the programming logic with the user interface without having to write special codes for the same.

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9. Features single page app development

SPA or Single Page Development is a type of application where every content is present on a single page and those will be displayed as you scroll down. Developing the SPA is not easy with the traditional programming platform.

But with AngularJS, you can easily implement the logic for SPA development without any hassle.

10. Powered and supported by Google

Lastly, AngularJS is used by Google for many of its applications, which is why the platform is trustworthy. No question should arise regarding the efficiency of the platform after knowing that AngularJS is supported by Google- one of the tech giants in the world.

Why use Angular? – Conclusion

In the above Why use Angular? article, we have explained the top ten reasons for which AngularJS sounds the perfect platform for developing an application. Not only will it reduce the development time but also will make the work much easier as there is no need to core in the hard way or check for bugs from the top every time an issue appears.