winzo application New Link 2022 | WinZo App – Play Games And Win ₹100 Daily [विंजो एप/गेम डाउनलोड}

winzo application OR winzo app: If you are fond of playing games and want to earn money by playing games, then WinZo App can be a good choice for you.

WinZo is such a money earning app (Gaming Application) where you get more than 70 games, you can earn money by playing your favorite game. But you do not know that Winzo application Se Paise Kaise Kamaye, then in this post you are going to get fully details.

Through this post, we are going to tell you what is Winzo App, how to install Winzo App, how to create account in Winzo App, how to use Winzo application, how to earn money from Winzo App and how to withdraw money from Winzo App. Information givers.

After study this post, you will not have to go to any other blog to get details about Winzo App, so read this post till the end, only then you will be able to understand about Winzo App. So let’s start this post without any delay and know how to earn money from Winzo App and what is Winzo application.

winzo application – What is WinZo App and earn money by playing games

WinZo Gold App is a type of money earning gaming application in which more than 70 games are available, you can earn Paytm Cash and money from WinZo App by playing these games.

There are many types of contests run in WinZo App in which you can participate as well as play Fantasy Games in this application. Like playing in MPL App, Dream 11 etc. If your luck is better then you can earn lakhs of rupees in a day only through this application.

You can transfer the money earned from WinZo App to your bank account, along with you also get the choice of Paytm and UPI.

Main point description
Application Name Winzo Game App – Games & Wins
Download choices Winzo Game App Download
Winzo Referral Code pakainfo
Petam First Game website
Payment Withdrawal Medium UPI, Paytm, Bank Transfer

How to Install WinZo App?

You will not find WinZo Gold App on Play Store but you can install it through Browser. Also Bellow the main 3 steps given further to download and install WinZo application –

  1. First of all, search Winzogame in Google and come to the official website of WinZo App.
  2. And then here you have to simply click on the choice with GET free Download as well as download the
  3. Winzo application.
  4. When WinZo App will be free downloaded then you step by step install it in your smart phone.

Winzo App Earning Proof

Here is the verification of the earning from Winzo Game App, so that you will know that this is a great and reliable Winzo Refer And Earning Application.

winzo application
winzo application

Create Account on WinZo App

Now simply free downloading WinZo App, the next phase comes to make an account in WinZo App on mobile. To make an account in WinZo application, follow the steps given further –

  1. After the WinZo App is downloaded, open it and select your language and click on the Continue choice.
  2. Now you have to enter your 10 digit mobile number and click on the choice with Send A Code.
  3. After that a simply call will come on your phone/mobile number, and then you should receive it. And then
  4. This is for Call Verification for your mobile phone.
  5. After this you click on the choice with Apply Referral Code.
  6. Click on Enter Your Name and fill your name and select Avatar and click on Continue choice.
  7. In this method to your account will be simply step by step created on WinZo application.
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How to Use WinZo App?

WinZo application is very easy to understand but for your enjoyment, i have given you full details about using WinZo App.

  • Winzobaazi – In this choice, you will get to pick out lots of the games, as soon as you simply click on the game you want to play, that game will be free downloaded. And last you can play this game step by step.
  • Worldwar – You will pick out all the Contests running on WinZo main Application in this choice. To partake in the main contest, you have to include some nominal indian rupees like 2.00, 5.00 or 10.00 rupees to your WinZo main Wallet. Also You get some money for winning in the contest.

And then joining in the main contest, you have to play as a team in it. Also win the toss is to determine which team you will play with in which you have to select a card.

At the end of the contest, if your team wins, then the prize money is distributed among all the players as well as if your team loses then you will get nothing. One benefits in this is that even if your execution is poor as well as your team wins, you still get paid.

  • Winzo Store – With this choice, you can buy the service of many companies at a discount like as Hotstar, OLA, Bigbazar etc.
  • Fantasy League – In main Fantasy League, you get 2 types of games, football as well as cricket. In this last way, you have to form your own primary team as well as if you stay at number one then you can earn money more than 6 lakh indian rupees.

Just as you create your team in Dream 11, in the same method you have to create your team here too.

  • WinZo TV – In this choice you get many popular games which you can follow and chat with them.
  • Promotion – In this choice of WinZo App, you get to pick out like as applications which are for promotion, you can also download them if you want.

How to Play Board Games Online step by step?

simply Playing WinZO Game on Winzo App is straightforward, you just have to free download as well as step by step install Winzo App and then make an account here. Now last, by putting money in your main primary account, you can play any game simply and you can also earn money.

Earn Money from WinZo App

When you lmpw how to use WinZo App, after that you can earn money step by step by playing free online games from WinZo application. The 3 best methods to earn money from WinZo App are –

  1. Winzo App By Playing Fantasy Games
  2. WinZo Gold App By Playing World War Game
  3. by Referring from Winzo Application.

#1 – WinZo App By Playing Fantasy Games

There are many types of fantasy games running in the WinZo App, in which you can indulge and earn money and transfer the winning money to your bank account.

The way you make a team in games like Dream 11, My 11Circle etc., in the same way you have to make a team in WinZo App and if you stay at number one then you can win 6 lakh rupees.

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#2 – WinZo App By Playing World War Game

To indulge in the World War game of WinZo App, at a minimum 2 rupees is needed, only then you can indulge in the World War Game.

As i have introduce above, you have to play the World War game with the team as well as if your team wins then the prize money is distributed among the entire team.

#3 – WinZo App by referring

You can also earn money by referring from WinZo App, in this great application you get 50 indian rupees for single referral as well as when you fully 25 get referrals bonus then you can transfer the money earned by the referr to your direct bank account.

Great, Here you also get Real Paytm Cash.

  • Withdrawing money from WinZo application is very simply, you can withdraw at a minimum 3 indian rupees from this mobile application. To withdraw money from WinZo App, you get the choice of Paytm mode, UPI based and Direct Bank Transfer.
  • If you earn money from WinZo App by referring, and then you have to refer at a minimum 25 user first, then only you can withdraw money as well as if you earn money by playing the game then you can also withdraw minimum 3 indian rupees.
  • To withdraw money from WinZo App, click on the Wallet choice below. Here you can withdraw the earned money by clicking on the Withdrawal choice.

Add Money in WinZo App

To add money to WinZo App, you can click on the choice with Wallet and here you can add money to WinZo App by clicking on Add Money.

FAQ For Winzo App OR winzo application

Do you get paid by playing WinZo games?

Yes, Also WinZo App is a free Gaming mobile Application where you also get paid for step by step playing games.

How much money can I earn from WinZo App?

If you give minimum 2 or 3 hours a per day to WinZo application, you can earn 200 to 300 indian rupees as well as if you have auspiciously then you can also earn lakhs of indian rupees by playing Fantasy Game.

How to Install WinZo App?

simply, step by step To install WinZo App, you can visit the main official website of App).

How to Withdraw Money from WinZo App?

You are given the choice of Wallet to withdraw money from WinZo application. also You can transfer the winning or money earned by you to Bank mode, Paytm paltform or UPI based.

conclusion : winzo application – what is winzo app how to earn money?

If you are fond of playing games, then you can also download WinZo application and earn money by playing games. After reading this post WinZo App Kya Hai, you must have got the idea that Winzo App Se Paise Kaise Kamaye.