16 Best wordpress seo services Plugins and Tools

in wordpress seo services, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. We already know many things related to SEO. But if you are new then you can read the previous post. Its main use is used for ranking in search engines. Today there is no such business in which there is no competition. There is excessive competition in all business.

Today the time has become digital. Now nobody has time for anyone. In such a situation, there is only Internet which has enough time for you. Internet is the fast friend of today’s generation. Whatever he wants, he searches on the Internet itself. For review of product or services also take help of online platform.

wordpress seo services & Website Search Engine Marketing

In such a situation, visibility on the Internet is very important for business growth. There are two ways of wordpress seo services visibility on the Internet.

  • Free
  • Paid

We Indians always go after the free. When it comes to Paid, they change the way. If I charge something for this WordPress SEO Tutorial, then you might not want to read.

In today’s time, bringing traffic to the website is as easy as it is difficult to bring quality traffic. The only aim of all the people is to earn money. I also update this blog regularly for Earning. If there is no income, then I will not feel like giving time to it.

It’s the same with everyone. Some earn from advertising and some from e-commerce. There are many ways to earn online. But SEO is needed in every way.

Some people do SEO for SEO traffic and then for quality traffic. What do you want Traffic or Quality Traffic. Quality Traffic means targeting Direct Customer which leads to Sales Increase. Traffic is meant only for the crowd, which is only for visibility.

  • 10 Quality Traffic = 1000 Traffic
  • 10 USA Traffic = 1000 Indian Traffic

wordpress seo services & Tutorial for WordPress Blog

#1. Check Site Visibility in Settings Tab

  • This option will be found in the Settings tab of WordPress, whose Screen Short is given below.
  • When the website is in Under Construction Mode, it should be ticked.
  • Doing this does not crawl the Search Engine Website in Under Construction Mode.
  • Uncheck this box after website final launching.
  • Admin Area > Settings > Reading
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#2. SEO Friendly URL Structure

URL Structure should be correct, should be SEO Friendly.
You can set URL Structure from here with the option of Permalinks in the Settings Tab.
Shown below in Screen Short.

#3. Proper use of Category and Tags

  • After writing the post, make proper use of category and tag.
  • This is a very good thing about WordPress Platform which gives freedom to divide the post into Tag and Category.
  • The content of the website is known only from the search engine category and tag.
  • Category and Tag are two different topics.
  • It can be ranked in Search Engine by using it properly.

#4. Use Media (Image and Video)

Use media according to the need in the post.
Use Alt Tag with Image.

#5. Internal Linking for seo services

Make the right use of internal linking
By doing this the engagement increases, which reduces the bounce rate.

#6. Nofollow External Links

  • Nofollow External Link.
  • Because by giving Dofollow Backlink, the rank of the new website is not known quickly.

#7. Post Comment for seo services

  • Approve Post Comment.
  • By approving Post Comment, the Credibility, Engagement of the post increases.
  • Engagement gives Return Visitor.

#8. Submit Site to Webmaster

This is a very big topic, we will discuss it in the next post. By the way, many posts have been published related to how to do SEO with Webmaster Tool. which you can read.

#9. Optimize Blog Post for seo services

  • The english meaning of optimize is to adapt. Write Blog Post following the guideline of Search Engine.
  • The guidelines of all search engines are almost the same.
  • Main Point : Keyword Proximity, Keyword Prominence and Keyword Density
    Always write Quality Content.

#10. Website Speed for seo services

  • Check with your own example, when you do some search on the internet, the Search Engine Result shows.
    User clicks on any of them link.
  • If the site takes more time to load, then the user skips and opens another link.
  • Therefore reduce the loading speed of the site.
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#11. Responsive Design

Responsive Design means the design of the website should be changed according to the screen of the device.
The responsive website only scrolls up and down.

#12. With and without www

With and without www, the search engine considers these two separately.
To avoid this, use Canonical Tag.

#13. Add sitemap.xml

  • Create a Sitemap in .xml form.
  • There are many plugins to generate sitemap.
  • Sitemap is automatically generated in almost all SEO Plugin.

#14. Install and activate best WordPress SEO plugin

This is a very big topic in itself, for this wait for the next post.

#15. Start using SSL

  • Use HTTPS (Secure) with the site.
  • Search Engine ranks https site quickly.
  • Many hosting providers are simultaneously giving the option of encryption.
  • If it does not provide, then you can use Cloudflare’s SSL.

#16. Backlink for seo services

If you are a blogger then you will definitely know the value of backlink. Please tell in the comment so that other people can also know. Read this to know about Backlink in detail.

In this wordpress seo services post you know how to do SEO of WordPress Blog. If you want to know about any of these topics in detail, then comment, a post will be published for that.