Yoast WordPress Seo Settings

Today, We want to share with you Yoast WordPress Seo Settings.In this post we will show you Yoast seo for free wordpress blog, hear for How to Setup Yoast SEO for WordPress Correctly we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about How to Use Yoast SEO on WordPress: Complete Tutorial (2020) with an example.

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Yoast WordPress Seo Settings

There are the Following The simple About Yoast WordPress Seo Settings Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop How To Set Up Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin step by step, so the some How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast for this example is following below.

How To Set Up Yoast SEO – 2020 Guide

Features of Yoast SEO

  • generate an XML sitemap
  • .htaccess, robots.txt files
  • Website permalink control
  • import settings
  • title and meta settings
  • Google search display preview
  • index or not index certain sections
  • Verification Google Webmaster Tools
  • linking Google Webmaster Tools
  • Keyword optimization

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

First of all, thing We need to do is simple install and activate the Yoast SEO plugin.

For more details on search engine optimization with Yoast, check out the following:

Data POST Content & SEO analysis: Invaluable all the tools to write SEO-friendly data texts.


Before we go simple step by step ahead with our setup guide, let’s simple look into some of the SEO imp features offered by yoast wordpress plugin:

  • Included Google authorship for single author.
  • Advance permalink control.
  • Simple Breadcrumbs support.
  • Change .htaccess files.
  • XML sitemap.
  • display none RSD, WLW, shortlinks from head.
  • display none date from search engine snippets.
  • yoast setting import SEO plugins.
  • Meta-control for taxonomies, author pages, homepage, etc.
  • RSS feed footer plugin settings.
  • Supports Facebook Open Graph.
  • Title meta settings.
  • Verify sites in yahoo, Google, Bing

Step 1:

Go to Dashboard > Features > Advances setting pages & enable this feature

yoast seo settings 2019
yoast seo settings 2019

Step 2:

SEO > Tools> Import & Export > Import from other SEO plugins

yoast seo configuration wizard,
yoast seo configuration wizard,

Step 3:WordPress Yoast SEO Dashboard

SEO > Dashboard > Webmaster Tools

yoast seo title settings
yoast seo title settings

Step 4:SET Titles & Meta Settings

click on “Titles & Metas”, click on the “General”

seo for free wordpress blog
seo for free wordpress blog

Step 5:Homepage Settings

“Homepage” tab of the “Titles & Metas” section and configure the settings

How To Set Up Yoast SEO - 2019 Guide for WordPress
How To Set Up Yoast SEO – 2019 Guide for WordPress

Step 6:Post Types

hides the date from search engine snippets and SEO for the post, page, and media sections and setting Post, Pages & Media types

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast
How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

Step 7:Taxonomies and Archives

“noindex”, “Follow”, and “Hide” boxes.

Example: %%term_title%% Archives %%page%% %%sep%% %%sitename%%

How To Set Up Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin step by step
How To Set Up Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin step by step

set indexing for your author and date-based archive
yoast beginner guide
yoast beginner guide

Step 8:Other

“Titles & Metas” settings.

yoast seo for blogger
yoast seo for blogger

Step 9:Social Settings

social media profiles : set Facebook Open Graph meta tags

yoast seo premium crack
yoast seo premium crack

Step 10:XML Sitemaps

submit the sitemap to Google, Bing, & any other search engine

yoast seo premium download
yoast seo premium download

Step 11:Permalinks

Advanced > Permalinks.

yoast seo changelog
yoast seo changelog

Step 12:RSS

“The post %%POSTLINK%% appeared first on %%BLOGLINK%%.”

yoast seo tutorial
yoast seo tutorial

Step 13:set Meta Data

Adding Meta Descriptions & Titles in Latest SEO Yoast Plugin:

yoast seo changelog
yoast seo changelog

Step 14:Redirects

check that in the Google Webmaster tool

yoast seo tutorial
yoast seo tutorial

Step 15:set Webmaster Tools

Settings for all the Webmaster Tools

all in one seo
all in one seo

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