how to get youtube subscribers count in php [updated 2021 JAN]?

Today, We want to share with you youtube subscribers count.In this post we will show you live sub count, hear for Live Sub Count – online subscriber count we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about 4k Video Downloader Youtube with an example.

PHP – How to get youtube subscribers count using api

operating with youtube api to include youtube subscribers count in php. found/get The YouTube API v2.0 is deprecated.

3.0 has been discharged therefore no have to be complicated to oauth with this api version.

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We have to simply require an API KEY to get work. so Let’s see a best methods to get youtube subscribers counts in php full source code as well as wordpress api v3.0.

there are the list of the following stpes we are shring all the steps to include api key and find subscribers counts.

How to get youtube api key?

here you can step by step following area unit the phases to include youtube web api key

  • step 1. move to And log in to your google account.
  • step 2. Navigate to APIs & auth and click on on APIs.
  • step 3. right now click on YouTube information API link underneath YouTube APIs. and click on on Enable API Button.
  • step 4. right now your youtube api has been enabled for your project. right now click on credentials underneath APIs & auth.
  • step 5. Click on Add Credentials Then API key in dropdown.
  • step 6. right now a brand new popup window can seem, click on Browser key button. Then fill your URL if any else click on Create Key button.
  • step 7. a brand new popup window can seem that showing your API key. Copy and use this key to induce subscribers count.
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How to get count of youtube subscribers

There area unit curl and file_get_contents() ways in php to urge remote contents. following we tend to area unit business youtube api to urge subscribers counts. amendment YOUR_CHANNEL_ID and YOUR_API_KEY with yours.

// here Calling api form youtube
$get_youtube_subscribers = file_get_contents('');

// Decoding json youtube api response
$youtube_api_response = json_decode($get_youtube_subscribers, true );

// get counts of youtube subscribers.
$total_subscribers_count = intval($youtube_api_response['items'][0]['statistics']['subscriberCount']);

// print counts of youtube subscribers.
echo $total_subscribers_count;

So right now you’ll be able to easy way to get your youtube subscribers counts using api v3.0.

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