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Resolved : “register_rest_route was called incorrectly”

PHP Notice: register_rest_route was called incorrectly. The REST API route definition for relevanssi/v1/search is missing the required permission_callback argument. For REST API routes that are intended to be public, use __return_true as the permission callback. Please see Debugging in WordPress for more information. PHP error after WordPress 5.5 update My wordpress custom api plugin :

Show Multiple Checkbox Checked With Multiple Array Using Php

We are telling you by our best web post that how to show multiple checkboxes checked with multiple arrays using PHP Example. Whenever you can checkbox checked with using the MySQL database then some users say it is the very difficulty not user friendly. but our article through you would easily step by step understand.

call to undefined function base_url() Fixed

In this article, We will let you know how to fix or Solved the Codeigniter issue “Call to undefined function base_url()” in Codeigniter. [Solved]Fatal error: Call to undefined function base_url() in Codeigniter When we were started with Codeigniter then we had faced some fatal error like this : Call to undefineds function base_url() in C:\wamp\www\Demo-CI\application\views\\products\list.php

Bash if else Statment

simple 4 types of the bash else if like as a if statement, if-else statement, else-if ladder statement and nested if statement. Bash if else Statment If-else is the custom decision making easy to check condition statements in bash scripting other to any other like as c, c++ java or php programming. Syntax: if [condition]

javascript get current time

Get Current Date & Time, print Current Date, Current Time and Current Date & Time Both using JavaScript Example. Date and time js Tutorial here I will learn How to Get Current Date & Time in JavaScript? var today = new Date(); : Related Query : How to get current Date and Time using JavaScripts

github login command line

Your first time with git and github step by step Learn To use Git on the command line “login to github from terminal”. Set up Git git config --global "your_username" Also Read: how to upload project file to github using command line? gitlab login command line $ git config credential.helper store $ git push

css disable button

here learn to step by step “css disable button” using JavaScript and jquery with HTML. jQuery Enable Disable Submit Buttons Example CSS Code using “css disable button click” <button id="btnSubmit" class="btn-css-disable">Get Product Data</button> <style type="text/css"> .btn-css-disable { cursor: not-allowed; pointer-events: none; /*Buttons disabled - CSS color class*/ color: #c0c0c0; background-color: #ffffff; } </style> Also Read:

int to string c++

There are the Best 4 Examples for “convert int to string c++”. Example 1: best way to convert int to string c++ int x = 5; string str = to_string(x); Also Read: how to convert string to char c++ ? Example 2: convert int to char c int a = 10; char *intStr = itoa(a);

call javascript function from html

simple bellow Example display results using the call javascript function from html Calling a function using Pure js and here how to use php in javascript? – Example | php code in javascript. index.html <html> <head> <script type = "text/javascript"> function myfunction() { alert("Welcome to"); } </script> </head> <body> <p>here simple Click the following

convert string to array python

how to convert string to char in python? # To split the string at every character use the list() function word = 'lov' L = list(word) L # Output: # ['l', 'o', 'v'] # To split the string at a specific character use the split() function word = 'l,o,v' L = word.split(',') L # Output:

tellraw generator minecraft bedrock – Command List

It’s a create a tellraw generator Command best Template Used to select as well as execute different players. Minecraft TellRaw Command Generator tellraw editor for Minecraft Minecraft Java Edition JSON formatting w/tellraw: Available selectors are @a, @s, @p, @r White text: /tellraw @a {“text”:”This is best an snippet of white Minecraft text”} Colored text (Green):