How to regenerate HDFC bank new ATM OTP?

For security reason all banks are planning to upgrade their ATM card to chip Level set, therefor bank will automatically send new ATM to validated address and the 6 digit OTP they will send as SMS to your mobile number, the validity for that ATM is 30 days, therefor if you not used within that … Read more

Restart Server from Linux (Ubuntu)

Question: How do I reboot my Linux ubuntu based system? How do I reboot a remote Linux ubuntu system or server using command line? and how to restart ubuntu desktop? Today, We want to share with you restart ubuntu server from Linux.In this post we will show you how to uninstall xampp in ubuntu 16.04 … Read more

Full form of hardware Parts

Do you want the most Basic and advanced Level important Hardware, General, Science, full form of computer, Popular Full Forms , network, Technology, hardware, Educational, internet, Examination related all short forms and full forms? Let us understand how full form helps in many sectors. Then you came to the right place. Here: Full Forms: The … Read more

Https to http redirect using .htaccess File

Hello friends, today We will learn to you through this best tips and tricks how you to Redirect Your Custom Domain from HTTPS to HTTP Using main root file like name as a .htaccess. So let’s go to learn bellow Example. How to Redirect Domain from HTTPS to HTTP Using .htaccess? Add the simple source … Read more

Best Installing Linux Mint on a old laptop

Hey everyone! Okay today we’re doing something a little articles for best linux for old laptop. Of course we all know that tech education is important but I take a different direction than “everyone should learn to code”. Installing Linux Mint on a Used Thinkpad I think everyone should try and be a bit more … Read more

12 Best FREE YouTube to MP3 Converter [2020 SELECTIVE]

YouTube to MP3 Converters are applications that enable you to save YouTube video clips in mp3 format. These tools can be used to download Youtube or any videos as high-quality sound files. Many such best software’s can be used free online 100% sure to without any types of the registration. Bellow is a handpicked 100% … Read more

switch statement java | java switch case

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How to use Switch Case statement in Java? In Java, a switch statement is used to transfer control to a particular block of code, based on the value of the variable being tested. Note: Switch statements are an efficient alternative for if-else statements. How it works The switch is passed a variable, the value of … Read more

4CGandhi Chankya KrutiDev Unicode – Font Converter Hindi

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4CGandhi Chankya KrutiDev Unicode Font Converter. A helpful 100% free Hindi language font converter for newspaper and magazine copywriters and editors for free use online 4CGandhi – to Unicode Font Converter 4सीगाँधी / चाणक्य / कृतिदेव 10 शब्द क्षेत्र ↓ Input/Output 4CGandhi Chankya Kruti Dev 10 Font Text Area ↓ यूनिकोड शब्द क्षेत्र ↓ Input/Output … Read more

seo khazana : 100% Free Directory Submission list 2020

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SEO Khazana: It is provide a complete list of Directory Submission List with all the Social Bookmarking List, Post Submission List, URL, PDF as well as PPT Submission List with seo khajana. SEO Khazana full Information for its Users SEO Khazana: If you want to SEO your website well, you have come to the right … Read more