Boost Your WordPress Presence: The Top 5 Social Media Feed Plugins for 2024

For any marketing strategy, social media is an important part. You can easily add content from different social channels on your website with social media feed plugins. With the help of this, it’s also easy to get more sales because you can embed shoppable ads on your website and redirect your traffic to popular products. With many challenges monitoring various social media feeds on your WordPress website may come.

When you’re responsible for multiple platforms or projects manually keeping your social media feeds up-to-date is a painful process. To automate the process, these user-friendly tools help the process to link up your different social media accounts to your website easily. There are so many options available in the online marketplace. In this blog, we will delve into the list of social media feed plugins for WordPress. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Social Media Feed Plugin

A widget that can help you showcase your social media feed on your websites is called a social media feed plugin. After connecting your social media accounts, the plugin fetches your latest photos, posts, and videos. You can show multiple feed types like User Timeline, Home Timeline, Hashtag, and Mentions feed content if you want to connect your feed with the help of a social feed WordPress plugin.

Numerous WordPress social media feed plugin enables you to set the post order, hide posts that incorporate a specific hashtag, customize the header, and other options. Exhibiting profile pictures, post dates, and additional information are some security features that are offered by these tools. This process will engage customers without leaving your website and give your website visitors a view of your social media presence.

Things To Look In Social Media Feed Plugin

There are a few things to consider when it comes to selecting a plugin to embed social media feeds on website. Let’s have a look at them:

1. Compatibility- With the WordPress version ensure the plugin works that you are using to avoid compatibility issues that may disrupt the functions of your website.

2. Supported Platforms- You need to check if the plugin supports all social media platforms that you plan to integrate like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. so that your coverage is comprehensive.

3. Performance- On your website, analyze the effect of the plugin on loading time and performance in general. Because a slow-loading feed can send away visitors and reduce your search rankings.

4. Responsiveness- Ensure that the plugin generates device-responsive feeds that adjust to different screens and devices effortlessly without losing the consistency of your website visitor’s experience.

Top Social Media Feed Plugins For WordPress

We narrowed down our favorite social media tools in this list because there are a lot of WordPress plugins out there. Here are some:

1. Social Media Feed Plugin from Tagembed

The Tagembed social media feed plugin for WordPress is one of the top social media plugins for WordPress to make life easy for brands and businesses. The Tagembed WordPress social media feeds plugin working seamlessly simply enables users to combine their Tagembed account with their WordPress website. While creating social feeds, the plugin aims to keep the user experience intact by avoiding all kinds of errors that occur.

With the help of this WordPress plugin without putting much effort, any WordPress CMS user can integrate social media feeds into a WordPress website easily. Into this plugin, all the features along with major functionalities are in-built therefore the user doesn’t have to separately visit Tagembed to access any of these.

2. Smash Balloon

The next on our list is Smash Balloon making it one of the ideal social media feeds plugins for WordPress. To show social content on your website, it’s easy to use and offers powerful features. This plugin ensures your Facebook and Instagram embedded posts work seamlessly. With Facebook or Instagram, Smash Balloon has its API key registered. Users don’t need to worry about fixing any issues and continue to add social feeds to your website easily.

Smash Ballon enables users to create as many social feeds as they want. Every design and layout of it is mobile-responsive and provides different customization options. In real-time, users can even start live videos from your feeds.

3. EmbedSocial

A user-friendly WordPress plugin- EmbedSocial helps you showcase picture albums from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as social feeds. Its simplicity makes this plugin special. On your website, you are required to paste the shortcode anywhere to display the social feed. The album automatically updates every time you add a photo on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. For the personalization process, you can get different layout templates, change the title, edit photo width and padding, lazyload your pictures, and showcase your social feeds as a grid or slideshow.


Another free social media feed plugin for WordPress is It delivers a powerful performance, however, it’s a free WordPress plugin. Incorporating popular networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest, 13 different social media channels are supported by For platforms like Reddit, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vimeo, and more, you can even create social media feeds. Create a social feed, add your source, personalize the design, and then embed the feed on your website, this plugin is super easy to use. Whenever you add a new feature, it lets you set up a moderation and auto-updates the feed.

5. is another social media feed plugin in our list for WordPress. To collect content from multiple social media networks and put it together in one display, Juicer helps you find an easy way. Users can manage all posts and hashtags for a brand from one place with this social media plugin.

This social media plugin for WordPress works best with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites. The procedure of Jucier starts by collecting content, then showing it, and then selecting the best of it. Getting all the new posts from social media accounts begins, and then organizing them on the website in the best way possible.

Final Note

When it comes to boosting engagements and increasing your web presence, integrating social media feeds onto your WordPress website is a game-changer. You can easily showcase the latest posts from different stages by using the correct plugin. These aforementioned plugins present an easy-to-use mechanism to maintain a relationship with your audience. Selecting the right plugin for your needs is challenging with so many social media feed plugins available. Take your website to the next level today by choosing one of these 5 plugins. So why wait?

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