A Complete Overview of Blockchain & Peer-to-peer Technology 

If you have ever been into Bitcoin investment, chances are quite less where you haven’t heard of the term “Blockchain”, https://bitphone.net/. Now, what is this technology and how does it work? Blockchain first came into the picture in 1991. 

The basic idea behind Blockchain was to build a system that doesn’t allow the document time stamps to be altered. Later in 2009 with the arrival of Bitcoins, this technology found expression in the real world.

Talking about Bitcoins, they run on a peer-to-peer system that isn’t operated by any central authority. It is the most popular form of cryptocurrency in the current times. With the cryptocurrency market growing exponentially, people are reaching out to invest huge amount on bitcoins. One such platform where you can observe enormous cryptocurrency trading is Bitcoin Era.

Let us deep dive into the working fundamentals of blockchain technology. But before that, let us look at what exactly is a blockchain.

What Is A Blockchain? Here Is All You Need To Know About

Blockchain is an unalterable ledger that records transactions, and is responsible for providing immediate information to businesses. When it comes to Blockchain, it stores every Bitcoin transaction safely and securely in a public ledger. It is also responsible for tracking purchases, payments, accounts, etc with all the details of transactions from all the ends. 

Functioning of Blockchain- Here Are Points To Note

Curious to know how a blockchain system works? This section of the article highlights some informative points which are as follows-

  • Each transaction is recorded in a ledger as a block of data that can contain anything and everything about the transaction. The basic goal of each block of data is to show the movement of an asset that can be anything of value, physical or virtual, tangible or non-tangible.
  • Every block forms new units of Bitcoin; this is usually the process of Bitcoin generation through Blockchain. 
  • With every new block, the previous one gets verified and it happens throughout the entire blockchain. It ensures that no malicious user can interfere with the contents of the ledger making it trustworthy for network members.

Types of Blockchain – Points To Note

There are mainly four types of blockchain networks which are highlighted below-

  • Public blockchain network – Everyone can access this, and hence it has weak security and low privacy. Bitcoin is an example of such network.
  • Private blockchain network – It is governed by a single organization that grants permission and decides who is allowed to access the blockchain, however, it is still a decentralized peer-to-peer network.
  • Permissioned blockchain network – Users need an invitation or permission to participate in the network. Public networks can also be permissioned.
  • Consortium blockchain network – Multiple organizations are responsible for managing the blockchain, and deciding who can access the data.

Benefits of Blockchain- Here Are Points To Note 

There are several benefits associated with using blockchain technology such as the accuracy, cost reductions, decentralized nature, efficiency of transactions, private or secure transactions, and transparency.

  • There is no human involvement as the transactions in the blockchain are managed by a network of thousands of computers, and hence there is no room for error. 
  • Blockchain eliminates the need of third-party verifications, which eventually takes away the extra cost that is associated with them.
  • The transactions take very little time to process compared to financial institutions that have a central authority and limited working hours. Blockchain works 24*7 and is highly suitable for international transactions involving different time zones.
  • Although everyone can access details about the transactions in a ledger, the information of the users who make those transactions remains confidential.
  • The authenticity of every transaction is verified by thousands of computers as soon as the transaction takes place. The transactions only get verified once the computers validate purchase of every Bitcoin unit.


Blockchain technology is the most discussed technology among businesses as it has a potential to bring major developments in the functionalities of various sectors. Not just cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but various other sectors are beginning to make use of blockchain technology as it provides solutions to many problems like hacking and data tampering. Finance, healthcare, banking and voting systems have many issues that can be sorted with the help of blockchain.

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