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how to add two numbers in javascript?

Today, We want to share with you add two numbers in javascript.In this post we will show you JavaScript Variables and Constants, hear for JavaScript Operators we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about How To Added 2 Numbers In Javascript Using Textbox? with an example.

JavaScript Program to Add Two Numbers

here i learn to Adding 2 numbers concatenates them instead of calculating the sum.

Find Sum of 2 Numbers Using JavaScript

Enter the First number : 
Enter the Second number: 

Example 1: Add 2 Numbers

const primary = 5;
const secondary = 3;

// add 2 numbers
const total = primary + secondary;

// display the total
console.log('The total of ' + primary + ' and ' + secondary + ' is: ' + total);


The total of 5 and 3 is: 8

Example 2: Add 2 Numbers Entered by the User


// store input numbers
const primary = parseInt(prompt('Enter the primary number '));
const secondary = parseInt(prompt('Enter the secondary number '));

//add 2 numbers
const total = primary + secondary;

// display the total
console.log(`The total of ${primary} and ${secondary} is ${total}`);


Enter the primary number 5
Enter the secondary number 3
The total of 5 and 3 is: 8

javascript how to sum 2 numbers

how to add 2 numbers in javascript

let a = 4;
let b = 5;
document.write(a + b);

javascript function to add 2 numbers

		Added 2 integer numbers using JavaScript. -


Added 2 integer numbers using JavaScript.

Enter primary Number:

Enter secondary Number:

Added 2 numbers javascript

var x = 2 + 3;
//x = 5

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators

Arithmetic operators are used to perform arithmetic on numbers:

Operator Description
+ Addition
* Multiplication
** Exponentiation (ES2016)
/ Division
% Modulus (Division Remainder)
++ Increment

I hope you get an idea about javascript sum of numbers.
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