Angular 6 Form Validation Tutorial Example From Scratch

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Today, We want to share with you Angular 6 Form Validation Tutorial Example From Scratch.
In this post we will show you Form Validation in Angular 6 with Example, hear for Angular 6 form validation on submit example we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about with an example.

Angular 6 Form Validation Tutorial Example From Scratch

There are the Following The simple About Angular 6 Form Validation Tutorial with Email validator Full Information With Example and source code.

This is a quick Lovely Post of how to setup first simple HTML form validation in Angular 6 using get Data form-validation.with Custom CSS of the simple example is all done with latest version of the Bootstrap 4 CSS.

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Angular 6 Example

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Template-driven validation


<input id="uname" name="uname" class="pakainfo form-control"
      required minlength="4" appcustomNameForBidden="birthdate"
      [(ngModel)]="" #name="ngModel" >

<div *ngIf="uname.invalid && (uname.dirty || uname.touched)"
    class="alert alert-danger">

  <div *ngIf="uname.errors.required">
    UserName is required.
  <div *ngIf="uname.errors.minlength">
    UserName must be at least 5 characters long.
  <div *ngIf="uname.errors.customNameForBidden">
    UserName cannot be This birthdate.


angular 6 Reactive form validation

reactive/student-form-reactive.component.ts (validator functions)

ngOnInit(): void {
  this.studentForm = new FormGroup({
    'uname': new FormControl(this.student.uname, [
      customNameForBiddenValidator(/birthdate/i) //
    'alterEgo': new FormControl(this.student.alterEgo),
    'power': new FormControl(this.student.power, Validators.required)


get uname() { return this.studentForm.get('uname'); }

get power() { return this.studentForm.get('power'); }

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reactive/student-form-reactive.component.html (uname with error msg)

<input id="uname" class="form-control"
      formControlName="uname" required >

<div *ngIf="uname.invalid && (uname.dirty || uname.touched)"
    class="alert alert-danger">

  <div *ngIf="uname.errors.required">
    UserName is required.
  <div *ngIf="uname.errors.minlength">
    UserName must be Min 5 characters long.
  <div *ngIf="uname.errors.customNameForBidden">
    UserName cannot be birthdate.

Angular 6 Custom validators


export function customCLLForBiddenNameValidator(nameRe: RegExp): ValidatorFn {
  return (control: AbstractControl): {[key: string]: any} | null => {
    const dataforget = nameRe.test(control.value);
    return dataforget ? {'customNameForBidden': {value: control.value}} : null;

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