List Best 10+ Application of Computer Graphics in 2024

What are the application of computer graphics? : Today in this post we will talk about application of computer graphics. I am studying. Let’s get started. Hello friends, you are very much appreciated in Where is computer graphics used?

Introduction to Application of Computer Graphics

Computer graphics deals with Computer Art, creation, Computer Aided Drawing, manipulation, Presentation Graphics and storage of different type of images with Image Processing and objects.

List 10+ Important Application areas of computer graphics :

1. Computer Aided Design

If we see, all the fields of engineering are there. It is being used in most of all. Design is very important in all of these.

  1. Mechanical engineering which is they can design nut, bolts, gears cars etc.
  2. Civil engineer is the one who builds biddings, bridges, roads etc. So if they have to design their plan. After making it it will look like this. If you want to make a model, then you can also use computer aided design.
  3. Electronic Engineer can also prepare a model of your circuit by using aided design.
  4. Electrical Engineer can also use this to model your wiring.

What is computer design, it gives designers a multiple view environment. By which there is a user who can see the graphical object in multiple view. That is application of computer graphics, you can also see top view, side view, font view.

2. Presentation graph

Computer graphics are also used to create presentation graphs. Financial, status, economic, scientific data has to be shown through presentation graphs such as pie charts, line charts etc.

It’s commonly used to summarize.

  1. Consumer Information Bulletins
  2. Economic Data for research reports
  3. Financial Reports
  4. Managerial Reports
  5. Mathematical Reports
  6. Scientific Reports
  7. Statistical Reports
  8. And other types of reports
application of computer graphics
application of computer graphics

3. Entertainment

The movies you watch, television shows, cartoon shows, all these computer graphics are only possible.

4. Education and training

Education is also used by making a model from a computer. As a medical student, he has to show the parts of the body or prepare his model. So he can do it with the help of computer graphics.

If a pilot has to be trained to fly an aero plane. So the use is not seated directly in the aero plane. He is given training on the first flight simulator. What the simulator is, it is prepared like a flight. Computer graphics are made from Hepl. Like you must have seen, whenever you go to learn a car, first understand all the functions of the car with the help of a graph.

5. Visualization

Scientist, engineers, medical person, business analyst etc. have to deal with large of information. They have to study. The behavior of any information has to be understood. Then it is not so easy for them to analyze the data.

A visual form of this large data is provided.

For example, computer graphics are used in weather for casting.

applications of computer graphics
applications of computer graphics

6. computer art

Today artists also use computers to create commercial art or fine art.

Example of Computer Graphics Packages:

  • CAM (Computer Graphics Metafile)
  • CGI (Computer Graphics Interface)
  • CORE
  • GKS (Graphics Kernel System)
  • LOGO

conclusion – application of computer graphics

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