ASP.NET Page life cycle with Events

ASP.NET Page life cycle with Events

In this Post We Will Explain About is ASP.NET Page life cycle with Events With Example and Demo.Welcome on – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials,Demo with Example! Hi Dear Friends here u can know to How to Implement Page Life Cycle Concepts in Asp.Net Example

In this post we will show you Best way to implement ASP.NET page life cycle explanation, hear for How to Implement Page Life Cycle Concepts in Asp.Net with Download .we will give you demo,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

Page Life Cycle With Examples in ASP.Net

Generally ASP.NET Page life cycle having different some stages as well as in each some stage there are different types of the events, and which are having a all the phase sequence of flow. Example as a each stage as well as event will fire one And then one in an ordered manor, each and every module’s implement developer should have a basic good knowledge on flow of like as a Page life cycle then only one can write our source code in more some proper

ASP.NET Page life cycle with Events
ASP.NET Page life cycle with Events
other way.

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Events :

There are the following list of the Events.

  • Phase 1.PreInit
  • Phase 2.Init
  • Phase 3.InitComplete
  • Phase 4.PreLoad
  • Phase 5.Load
  • Phase 6.Control Events
  • Phase 7.LoadComplete
  • Phase 8.PreRender
  • Phase 9.PreRenderComplete
  • Phase 10.SaveStateComplete
  • Phase 11.Render
  • Phase 12.Unload

PreInit :

The first event in ASP.NET Page life cycle, In PreInit event if any value assigned to the specific controls that may overwritter so in the InIt event specific controls value will be restored from view phase. Prefer PreInit event to creating or re-creating dynamic specific controls.

Init :

First Init event will be raised for each specific control , then finally Init event for page will be raised. Prefer Init event to set specific control properites.

InitComplete :

HTML View phase will be saved persistently in InitComplete event,In InitComplete event any changes done in viewphase that will be available even in next postback.

PreLoad :

The post back data that is included with the request instance will be processed.

Load :

First Load event will be raised for page then it will be raised for all specific controls in the page. Use Load event to set the specific control default values, binding dropdown list and other when first time page loads (if not postback).

Control Events:

And then page load time, the specific some control and here post back each events will be fired. Like as simple button click events, and form input dropdown any valueselectedindexchanged data, gridview some pageindexchanged,and form elemnets textbox textchanged, etc..

LoadComplete :

LoadComplete event will be raised And then Control events and before PreRender event.

PreRender :

PreRender event will be first raised for the Page, then it will raise for all the specific controls in the page. Any final modification on the specific control values We want to perform has to be done at least here, And then this event if We done any changes for the specific control values it will affect rendaring but not be retrived in the next postback.

PreRenderComplete :

Raises for each specific control and page And then it’s PreRender event completed.

SaveStateComplete :

SaveStateComplete event will be raised And then the viewphase and specific control phase have been saved data for the page and all specific controls.

Render :

Render is a one type of the method, not any type of the event. We can over ride Render method to change the all output of thesome specific control HTML markup.

Unload :

Unload event will first data raises for each specific control then finally for this page.

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