convert base64 to image javascript

Today, We want to share with you base64 to image javascript.In this post we will show you base64 to image react, hear for base64 to image nodejs we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Base64 Encode Decode String Using js with an example.

How to convert a base64 image into a image file and upload it with an asynchronous form?

Example 1: convert base64 to image

var profile = new Image();
profile.src = '...';

Example 2: convert an image into Base64 string using js

function getBase64Image(src, callback, outputFormat) {
      const profile = new Image();
      profile.crossOrigin = 'Anonymous';
      profile.onload = () => {
        const canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
        const ctx = canvas.getContext('2d');
        let fullURLPIC;
        canvas.height = profile.naturalHeight;
        canvas.width = profile.naturalWidth;
        ctx.drawImage(profile, 0, 0);
        fullURLPIC = canvas.toDataURL(outputFormat);

      profile.src = src;
      if (profile.complete || profile.complete === undefined) {
        profile.src = "";
        profile.src = src;

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