Chandra Rashi or Moon Sign in Astrology or Jyotish

Chandra rashi: what is chandra rashi?, how to know chandra rashi? and how to find chandra rashi?, What is your moon sign? How to easily know your Moon sign

chandra rashi
chandra rashi

Chandra rashi ya Janm rashi :

You must have heard about Chandra rashi many times! The moon sign is also called the birth sign.

Apart from the moon, there is also a sun sign, you must have often seen that some weekly horoscopes come according to your date of birth like: March 20 – April 20. It comes based on your Sun sign!

चंद्रा का मतलब और राशि – Chandra meaning aur rashi in hindi

नाम चंद्रा
अर्थ चांद
लिंग लड़का
धर्म हिन्दू
अंकज्योतिष 4
लंबाई 2.5
राशि मीन

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Which is called zodiac sign in English!

The sun sign is also important but the moon sign has its own place in Indian astrology because marriage, The nature of a person, half-and-half etc. There are known only on the basis of moon sign.

Chandra rashi ka upyog

Daily horoscope or Saturn’s half-century; Be it the result of transit or the effect of eclipse on your zodiac sign! Marriage or nature! In all, only the moon sign is used.

But you may not know what the moon sign is! How to see it! So today we are going to tell you this in a very simple way.

You read the entire post carefully! In the next 2-3 minutes you will know how to calculate your moon sign!

Chandra rashi kya hoti he – (what is moon sign?)

The Moon sign is calculated by calculating the zodiac in which the Moon is at the time of the birth of the child.

Do not get upset after hearing the name of the calculation, because next we are going to tell you how to calculate the moon sign with a very simple method.

How to know your moon sign ( Apni Chandra rashi kaise jane?)

Method -1 : check Chandra Rashi

  1. At the time of naming the child, Pandit ji takes out the name of a birth.
  2. This name is based on the same moon sign, constellation and its phase.
  3. If you do not remember the zodiac given by Pandit ji but remember the name, then by looking at this chart you can know your moon sign or birth sign.
chandra rashi
chandra rashi

Method-2 : Learn Chandra Rashi

  1. You open your birth chart and find the first horoscope on which Lagna Kundli or Janam Kundli is written. see her.
  2. Note down the number near which the moon is written.
  3. To make you clear, we are giving an example horoscope.
  4. See, now the moon is sitting in number 4 in this, so you have to note down the number four.
  5. The Moon can be sitting in any number, anywhere from 1 to 12 in your horoscope! So you have to note down that number.
what is chandra rashi
what is chandra rashi

Now after this you have to see the chart we are giving here.

The number written next to the number you have noted is your Moon sign or birth sign.

1- Aries
2- Taurus
3- Gemini
4- Cancer
5- Leo
6- Virgo
7- Libra
8- Scorpio
9- Sagittarius

Now see, the number we have noted from the example horoscope. It is 4 and Cancer is written next to the number 4.

So your zodiac sign is Cancer. This is your moon sign and this is your birth sign.

See friends, in this way we can know our moon sign very easily.

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Chandra meaning and zodiac – Chandra meaning aur rashi

  • The ruling planet of Pisces is Jupiter.
  • Lord Vishnu (Satyanarayana Bhagwan) is considered to be the deity of Pisces zodiac.
  • Pisces sign people named Chandra may remain troubled by problems with the digestive system and immune system.
  • Boys named Chandra of this zodiac should abstain from the consumption of alcohol.
  • Children with these Chandra name are prone to arthritis, tumours, diseases related to toes and nasal problems.
  • Boys named Chandra are happy with happiness and sad in sorrows for boys named Chandra.
  • Caring and compassionate nature is seen in the boy name of Chandra since childhood.

Meaning of the name Chandra – Chandra ka arth

  • Chandra name meaning is Moon. Before giving the name Chandra to your child, if you know its meaning, then it can save your baby’s life.
  • By keeping the name Chandra, your child also starts behaving like the meaning of this name.
  • Let us tell you that by giving the name Chandra to your baby, you can increase the positive possibilities in his life.
  • It was also said in the Vedas that before giving Chandra to the child, the parents should get complete information about it.
  • The meaning of the name Chandra is that you can clearly see the effect of the moon in his nature.
  • The zodiac sign of Chandra, the lucky number for the name Chandra and the personality of the people named Chandra or the meaning of this name which is the moon, etc. have been told further.

Lucky number for Chandra name – Chandra naam ka lucky number

  • If your name is Chandra, then your planetary lord is Jupiter and your lucky number is 3.
  • People with this number easily become the center of attraction for others, so they also get a lot of popularity.
  • Person named Chandra do not shy away from responsibilities.
  • Their special thing is that they lead a disciplined life with certain rules and principles.
  • People with name Chandra are stubborn and stubborn in nature and their enemies are more in number than friends.
  • People with this number have good health, but they are prone to diabetes.

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Personality of Chandra naam ke vyakti ki personality

  • Chandra’s zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • People with name Chandra like spirituality. People named Chandra keep trying to give peace to themselves.
  • People with this name like to remain calm even in difficulties, because they are peaceful by nature.
  • People named Chandra stay away from problems and controversies.
  • People named Chandra want that their thoughts should get due respect.

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