How to check if string contains substring in PHP?


Question: How to Check If a String Contains a Specific Word in PHP?, How to check if URL contain certain strings using PHP?

This Snippet will help you to check if a string contains any substring in PHP (server-side scripting language) Web programming language. For simple example, you want to execute a particular text line of source code only if user an input string contains additional get substring in it.

Answer: Use the PHP strpos() Function

We can use the inbuilt PHP strpos() methods to check and get whether a data string contains a particular word or not exist.

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How to check if strings contains substring in PHP


int strpos( $String, $Substring )

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check php if string contains Flowchart

Example 1 : php check strings

The below source code will strpos determine to true since the primary data string $stringcontain contains data the substring ‘Welcome‘ in it. This will PHP print “true” (return boolean value).

$stringcontain = 'Welcome to a brand new series on web development';
if (strpos($stringcontain, 'Welcome') !== false) {
	//return boolean value
    echo 'true';

Example 2 : php check if string

The below source code will determine to false since the primary data string $stringcontain doesn’t have data the substring ‘Ejunkie‘ in it(using php strpos array). Welcome will nothing PHP print.

$stringcontain = 'Welcome to a brand new series on web development';
$substr = "Ejunkie";
if (strpos($stringcontain, $substr) !== false) {
	//return boolean value
    echo 'true';

Example 3. String Contains Substring on Start

The below source code will check if a String contains a substring at start. The below source code will determine to true (return boolean value) since the primary data string $stringcontain take in data the substring ‘Welcome‘ at start.

$stringcontain = 'Welcome to a brand new series on web development';
if (strpos($stringcontain, 'Welcome') === 0 ) {
	//return boolean value
    echo 'true';


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