collection of keys – Laravel Collection keys() Method Example

collection of keys : Need to create collection of keys with multiple values (Laravel 7.x) & laravel collection map with keys Examples.

collection of keys – laravel collection map with keys

A collection of keys is called a​ The keys() method will help to create new collection of collection keys.

Syntax: collection of keys


Example 1: collection of keys

public function index()
    $collection = collect([
            "first" => ["id"=>1, "name"=>"Virat", "role"=>"Manager"],
            "second" => ["id"=>2, "name"=>"Ridham", "role"=>"Staff"],
            "third" => ["id"=>3, "name"=>"Pankaj", "role"=>"User"],
    $result = $collection->keys();


Illuminate\Support\Collection Object
    [items:protected] => Array
            [0] => first
            [1] => second
            [2] => third

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