content limit in wordpress – How To Limit Words and Characters in content WordPress?

content limit in wordpress using Words Length and Character Length Example – in this article you can use get_the_content() function contains wordpress content page/post content.

content limit in wordpress

There are many ways to limit the WordPress post content length. Like as a wp_trim_words, substr and many more. Also you can check my prev post is a WordPress Limit Words And Characters In Content

How to set character limit on the_content() and the_excerpt() in wordpress?

Example : Words Length:

Remove the insert the below PHP code

...[ read more ]' ); ?>

Note : You can Change the 120 to your desire words length

Example : Character Length

Remove the insert the below PHP code

post_content), 0, 110);?>

Note : You can Change the 110 to your desire string length

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How to limit WordPress Post content length?

it will pass it to php substr() function to limit the content to 120 characters.

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