discord fatal javascript error – How to Fix a Discord Fatal Javascript Error?

discord fatal javascript error issue is mostly due to another app or your antivirus not allowing Discord to function properly. the cause of the error is not always clear. first of all Delete Discord Appdata files and Uninstall and reinstall the Discord app.

discord fatal javascript error

[Step-By-Step Guide] How To Fix Discord Fatal JavaScript Error? – When a Discord fatal JavaScript error appears, it isn’t immediately obvious what has caused it. Delete Temporary Discord Files in LocalAppData and AppData, Add Discord Installation Files to the Whitelist of Antivirus Software, Change Startup Type of Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service, Take Away Administrator Privileges From the Discord and Uninstall and Reinstall Discord

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Discord: A Fatal Javascript Error Occured [Fixed Completely]

Step 1: search on taskbar and then open your This PC.
Step 2: and then simply go to the following location.


Step 3: and then “View” tab from File Explorer menu.
Step 4: great and then simply here your “Hidden items” checkbox checked from the Show/Hide section.
Step 5: here display AppData folder. as well as here simply step to Delete the Discord folder.

Step 6: Type and open
search button in the taskbar.


step 7 : and then Locate and delete the Discord folder.
step 8: and last step to Restart your PC.

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A Fatal JavaScript Error occurred How to fix Discord API Error

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