DOM Full form in HTML – What is DOM & Full Form of DOM ?

dom full form – What does DOM stand for?, What is the full form of DOM? – Document Object Model. DOM means programming interface for web documents.

DOM Full form & What is the full form of Dom?

DOM Full Form, DOM Meaning, DOM Stand For – dom full form is Document Object Model. also it is a programming interface for web documents.

What does DOM Stand for:

dom full form
dom full form

What is DOM (Document Object Model)?

The Document Object Model is an application programming interface (API), which was defined for XML. The DOM prepares itself as a hierarchy of nodes in memory.

Each element tag, attribute, and text in HTML or XML documents represent nodes of the DOM.

Example: Look at the following HTML code:

Sample page

Hello world!

When this HTML code is loaded into the web browser’s memory, the form becomes a hierarchy of different HTML elements as follows

 Sample page 

Hello World!

The arrangement of various elements of which document to be displayed in memory in this way is called DOM or Document Object Model.

In which different elements of the document are displayed with a node of the DOM and each node behaves like an object, which has some properties and behavior of its own.

The DOM is not JavaScript, like ECMAScript, it is implemented in many other programming languages. However, DOM is implemented using ECMAScript in web browsers and now this DOM is one of the biggest and most important part of JavaScript language.

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Functions of DOM:

The DOM allows a web developer to have complete control over their document by creating a tree containing the various contents of the document, as web developers can delete a node of their document by using one of the scripting languages ​​of JAVA Script, the DOM. You can add a new node in .

One can change any unwanted node or they can modify any node only using DOM API.

Since the DOM tree of that document is created before the document is presented in the web, that document is in-memory model and the visible data in the window of the web browser is the same as in the DOM tree. Therefore, effects performed in the DOM are rendered in the web browser immediately.

Therefore the DOM tree is the main resource for any client-side scripting language to be able to influence the document by displaying a variety of functions performed by the scripting language.

Since the DOM was developed by different companies in different ways for their convenience in their web browsers, there is a need to re-authenticate a document to appear the same across all web browsers in order to keep the web cross platform, i.e. platform independent. The need for a method was felt.

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As a result a new organization came into existence, which was named the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This organization works to develop various types of web related standards.

Various big companies in this institution; For example, members of Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, AOL etc. participate and create standards by deciding in which direction the web will move.

A total of three levels of DOM have been determined by the W3C to date. DOM Level 1 was first recommended in October 1998. The two other levels of this DOM are the DOM core and the DOM HTML.

DOM Core provides the convenience of an XML based structure, so that developers can easily access different parts of an XML document, and DOM HTML is actually an extension of DOM Core, adding certain objects and methods to HTML. HTML has been expanded.

The DOM, like ECMAScript, is only a specification. Just as different types of scripting languages ​​have been developed based on ECMAScript, in the same way, it can access and manipulate a document in different types of language based on DOM.

Whereas the original purpose of developing DOM Level 2 was to support mouse and user interface events, Ranges, Traversals and Cascading style seats with the DOM.

So that the document can not only be structured well, but it can also be designed easily. At the same time, it can also be made attractive.

So the core of DOM Level 1 was extended to support Namespaces. The following new modules were promoted in DOM Level 2, which are: dom full form

What is the Document Object Model?

  • 1. DOM Views
  • 2. DOM Events
  • 3. DOM Styles
  • 4. DOM Traversal and Range

There are multiple views of the same document before and after styling the document. The principle of DOM views was extended to handle these views.

Various types of events and event handrails were defined as DOM events to make the document more attractive to the user.

DOM Styles were extended to control the styling of the document and separate from the structure of the document, to make it easier to control, manage and handle the styling of the document. References were defined to access, manipulate and traverse the DOM by extending DOM traversal and range.

DOM Level 3 is currently being described, supporting methods that allow documents from a web browser or host environment to be saved on a local device and loaded from a local device into the host environment. .

In a way, now web technology is going to come completely on par with desktop technology, because till DOM level 2, no document can be saved to local device, so any user could see the same document or could access as authorized by the developer.

But this thing will completely change after DOM Level 3 creation because in that case the user will be able to modify any document as per his wish. And you can save on your personal design. With which different users can access and manipulate a document in different ways as per their wish.

Level 3 is being built slowly and HTML5 is a build-up of DOM Level 3 and CSS3, which are gradually being supported in various web browsers. In place of these native DOMs, there are other DOMs that have been defined to meet a different type of requirement.

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