Entrust Laravel 6/7/8 Roles and permissions from scratch | Best zizaco Package

entrust laravel is a succinct and flexible way to add Role-based Permissions to Laravel web application. How to implement Entrust in Laravel?

User ACL Roles and Permissions with Middleware using entrust Laravel

first of all i know to you entrust laravel package supports a flexible methods to add Role-based Permissions to your PHP Laravel web based application.

I like my custom add roles and permissions to Laravel solution, but I figured there had to be a better solution out there using zizaco entrust laravel.

also It’s a This package makes 4 Database tables:

  • Roles table: It’s gathering role records
  • Role_user table: It’s gathering one-to-many relations between roles as well as users
  • Permissions table: It’s gathering permission records
  • Permission_role table: It’s gathering many-to-many relations between roles as well as permissions

how to implement entrust in laravel?

"zizaco/entrust": "5.2.x-dev"

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Step 1: Install Entrust

After creating a web project in laravel web apps, and the you can open the main file composer.json and change or update the require some object with entrust like this Example

"require": {
"php": ">=7.1.3",
"fideloper/proxy": "~4.0",
"laravel/framework": "5.5.*",
"laravel/tinker": "~1.0",
"tymon/jwt-auth": "1.0.0-rc.1",
"zizaco/entrust": "dev-master"

Then Run

composer update

Step 2: Add Entrust Provider and Facades

Now you can simply Open config/app.php and find here providers array and include the following php class line.


Below providers array find aliases and add the bellow line

'Entrust' => Zizaco\Entrust\EntrustFacade::class,

Then Run this command

php artisan vendor:publish

After this you will see a new file in config directory named entrust.php

Step 3. Open app/Http/Kernel.php and add the middleware

 'permission' => \Zizaco\Entrust\Middleware\EntrustPermission::class,
'ability' => \Zizaco\Entrust\Middleware\EntrustAbility::class,
]; ?>

Step 4. Run This

php artisan entrust:migration
User ACL Roles and Permissions with Middleware
User ACL Roles and Permissions with Middleware

Above command will create the 4 tables roles, permissions, role_user and permission_role

Now simple step by step run your laravel application. You are ready to go zizaco entrust laravel

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