Top 10 Best Event Blogging Secrets 2019

Top 10 Best Event Blogging Secrets 2019

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Best Event Blogging Secrets 2019.
In this post we will show you Event Blogging Tips, hear for how to start event blogging we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about event blogging secrets with an example.

Event Blogging is simple way to create a Earn money without Any Investments quickly and fast way.

An Event Blogging is a one type of the simple Google Blog Blogging new updates which is perfect done or run for more effective short time for post or article intention to create a Fast or quick money.

In Information, first of all, simple used to Google Keyword Planner, and simple search Like as “Happy New Year”

Event Blogging = 1.5-2 weeks = Earn Money $$$$

Top 10 Great Event Blogging Techniques
Top 10 Best Event Blogging Secrets 2019
Top 10 Best Event Blogging Secrets 2019

Top 10 Event Blogging Secrets with Example

Phase 1. Target a Event. Example – Christmas

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Perfect relavant Domain Name + good server Hosting for Earn money Event Blogging

Phase 2. Do a Keyword Research

Bloggers simple focus good following this Phases for event blogging on

  1. submit search engines
  2. indexing their blogs
  3. Link building
  4. Keywords stuffing
  5. Keyword research

Phase 3. Search Low Competition select Keyword with search new ranked High Volume i.e – “happynew year”

Most useful example, We will find something about valentine day such as

  • valentine wishes for boyfriend
  • valentine wishes for friends
  • happy valentines day messages
  • happy valentines day quotes
  • happy valentines day card
  • valentine wishes for girlfriend
  • happy valentines day friends
  • valentines day wishes for husband

Phase 5. purchase a Domain related to your main event blogging Target Keyword

Example – merrychristmas-happynewyear dot com (,,,, etc..)

our Team suggest you godaddy or Bluehost because This high servers didn’t high preocess or down any time and all the server We shall read data good speed.

Phase 6. purchase a Good Hosting Like (,

Phase 7. simple Install CMS WordPress and Do install good SEO Plugin Like Yoast

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Phase 8. Write at Least Uniq 45 Post don’t any blog’s copy for your step by step this Google Adsense Approval

Write a simple 40–50 uniq High Quality about (1000 to 1500 words) data Content related to your Event blogging Therefor that Google all the tools with seo loves your data Content!

Phase 9. make Privacy Policy, about us, Contact us and simple Diclaimer Page

This Phase is IMP to take step by step following all the above Phase and Google Adsense Approval, you must have to make all the pages like contact us, privacy policy, about us and disclaimer page Therefor that simple Google thinks you are There are 2 types of the SEO On-Page SEO Techniques and Off-Page SEO Techniques

Phase 10. Request for Google Adsense Approval with Make Money

Now, Lastley Request for simple Earn money using Google Adsense Approval and on the day of event blogging you will make a Earn Money without Any Investments.

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You can also read about AngularJS, ASP.NET, VueJs, PHP.

I hope you get an idea about Ultimate Event blogging Secrets.
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