Facebook graph api multiple keyword search

Facebook graph api multiple keyword search

Welcome to the In w2way.com website! You will Step By Step learn web programming, easy and very fun. This website allmost provides you with a complete web programming tutorial presented in an easy-to-follow manner. Each web programming tutorial has all the practical examples with web programming script and screenshots available.For Facebook graph api multiple keyword search – Facebook Search

Search for Facebook Friends

format=”ANY” All people
format=”me/non-friends Non-friends
format=”me/friends/” Friends
format=”me/friends/friends/” Friends of friends

Search for Facebook Gender

format=”females/” Female
format=”males/” Male

Search for Facebook users-interested

format=”females/users-interested/” Women
format=”males/users-interested/” Men

Search for Facebook Relationship status

format=”single/users/”> Single
format=”in-any-relationship/users/” In a Relationship
format=”in-open-relationship/users/” In an Open Relationship
format=”married/users/” Married
format=”in-civil-union/users/” In a Civil Union
format=”in-domestic-partnership/users/” In a Domestic Partnership
format=”engaged/users/” Engaged
format=”its-complicated/users/” It’s Complicated
format=”widowed/users/” Widowed
format=”separated/users/” Separated
format=”divorced/users/” Divorced
format=”dating/users/” Dating

Search for Facebook Locate Target Profile:

formatnext=”residents/present/” Current location:
formatnext=”residents/past/” Former location:
formatnext=”visitors/” Visited:
formatnext=”home-residents/” From:
formatnext=”residents-near/present/” Lives near:

Search for Facebook Interest:

format=”likers/” Interest:

Search for Facebook company

formatnext=”employees/present/” Current
formatnext=”employees/past/” Former

Search for Facebook school:

formatnext=”students/present/” Current
formatnext=”students/past/” Former

Search for Facebook Job title:

format=”employees/” JobName

Search for Facebook Language spoken:

format=”speakers/” Language spoken

Search for Facebook Major

format=”%f1/major/students/present/” Major:

Search for Facebook bornrange

format=”%f1/before/users-born/” bornbefore
format=”%f1/after/users-born/” bornafter

Search for Facebook Event date:

format=”in-future/date/events/” future
format=”in-past/date/events/” past
format=”” any time
format=”today/date/events/” today
format=”tomorrow/date/events/” tomorrow

Search for Facebook Events Location:

format=”events-at/” Location

Search for Facebook Event Title:

format=”str/%af1/keywords_events/” Event Title

Search for Facebook posts-status

format=”stories-by/” posted
format=”stories-commented/” commented on
format=”stories-tagged/” tagged in
format=”stories-liked/” liked

Search for Facebook Text in post:

format=”str/%af1/keywords_posts/” Text in post:

Search for Facebook photos-status

format=”photos-by/” uploaded
format=”photos-of/” is tagged in
format=”photos-commented/” commented on
format=”photos-liked/” liked
format=”photos-of/” selectedis tagged in
format=”photos-commented/” commented on
format=”photos-liked/” liked


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