fixed navigation bar after scroll – How to Create a Fixed Navigation Bar?

fixed navigation bar after scroll – A fixed navigation bar, also referred to as a “sticky” navigation bar, is a toolbar that stays in place while the user is scrolling the web page.

fixed navigation bar after scroll

navbar and i will need to use the same classname in our JQuery code later. Build a Fixed Top Navigation that Disappears as Users Scroll

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Navigation bar fixed after scroll

window.onscroll = changePos;

function changePos() {
    var header = document.getElementById("header");
    if (window.pageYOffset > 70) { = "absolute"; = pageYOffset + "px";
    } else { = ""; = "";

html how to ensure that the header always on top

#header {
  position: fixed;

#content {
  margin-top: 100px;

stick menu bar in css

z-index works pretty much like a layer: the higher the z-index value, the greater it will allow the navigation tag to stay on top of other tags.

.navigation {
   /* fixed keyword is fine too */
   position: sticky;
   top: 0;
   z-index: 100;

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