form action javascript – form action submit

form action javascript – action specifies a URL that processes the form submission. Let’s see form action javascript an example wherein i am validating input text onsubmit − Example Live Demo.

form action javascript

JavaScript Change Form Action Dynamically the action attribute is used to indicate where the form’s data is sent to when it is submitted.

Form basics

form action with javascript

function checkFormIsValidOnSubmit(teamFrm) {
    var teamData = "";
    teamData += validateName(;
    teamData += validatemobile(;
    teamData += validateEmail(teamFrm.emaile);

    if (teamData != "") {
        alert("Some fields need correction:\n" + teamData);
    } else {
    return false;

How can I set the form action through JavaScript?


HTML form action and onsubmit validations with JavaScript?

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