get filename from url php – How to get filename from path in PHP?

get filename from url php using pathinfo($fullpathimg, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), basename() function and basename($_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’], ‘?’ . $_SERVER[‘QUERY_STRING’]) Examples.

get filename from url php

Given full path, find file name in the path. The basename() function returns the filename from a path.

Get file name form url in PHP

To get the file name from a URL in PHP, you can use the basename() function. Here’s an example:

$url = '';
$filename = basename($url);

echo $filename; // Outputs "image.jpg"

In this example, the basename() function takes the URL as an argument and returns the file name from the URL. The file name is then stored in the $filename variable and displayed using the echo statement.


How to get filename without extension in PHP?


$fullpathimg = "{file-path}/new-logo-pakainfo.png";
$ext = pathinfo($fullpathimg, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);
$file = basename($fullpathimg,".".$ext);
$ext = pathinfo($fullpathimg, PATHINFO_EXTENSION);

Get only filename from url in php without any variable values which exist in the url

echo basename($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], '?' . $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']);

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