get user location javascript – How to get a user’s location with JavaScript?

get user location javascript : Detect location and local timezone of users in JavaScript. Q – How to get user location using Javascript / HTML5 Geolocation?

Gelocation API
To get the user’s current location, i required to use the getCurrentPosition() method of the js geolocation object.

if (window.navigator.geolocation) {
 // Geolocation available

How to get a user’s location with JavaScript?

get user location javascript using the getCurrentPosition function.

  .getCurrentPosition(console.log, console.log);

Get current position

getCurrentPosition(successCallback, failureCallback);


  coords = { 
    latitude: 49.4554803,
    longitude: -2.0843058,
    altitude: null,
    accuracy: 44,
    altitudeAccuracy: null,
    heading: null,
    speed: null,
  timestamp: 1583860898576


const successfulLookup = position => {
  const { latitude, longitude } = position.coords;
    .then(response => response.json();
    .then(console.log); // Or do whatever you want with the result

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getCurrentPosition function.

  .getCurrentPosition(successfulLookup, console.log);

Gives something like ’48, My street(Like ganesh sco), My Town(Rajkot), My Post Code(360002), My Country(India). Get user’s current location using HTML5 Geolocation API in JavaScript Example.


Find Your User’s Location in JavaScript Using an API Example

Get User Location with Javascript


<div id="IP">
<div id="Country">
<div id="loc">

<script src=""></script>

function getData () {
        url: '',
        dataType: 'jsonp',       
        jsonp: 'callback',
      function success(results) {


      function fail(data, status) {
          console.log('Request failed.  Returned status of',

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