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How to Open URL in New Tab using Yii Framework

How to Open URL in New Tab using Yii Framework

Today, We want to share with you How to Open URL in New Tab using Yii Framework.
In this post we will show you opening a link in new tab – Yii Framework, hear for yii2 – How to open a new window in YII framework 2.0 we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about PHP Yii Framework PHP redirect to external Link in new tab? with an example.

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In Yii Framework, Open new window when target=”_blank”

Yii Framework Overview with Features

There are the Following the List of Features For Yii Framework Pure JavaScript Latest Frameworks.

Yii Framework redirect to a new tab

 'E-mail BTPN', 'url' => ''),
)); ?>

PHP Yii Framework redirect to a new tab Example

Click here

Therefor in PHP Based Yii2 framework with Html simple helper in display data file We can simple source code Like as:

'_blank']) ?>

And then in PHP framework yii2 Table grid We can display raw column:

  'value'=>function ($model, $index, $widget){
     return Html::a(
             'title'=>'Welcome to Pakainfo',

Yii Framework Redirects

//first way PHP YII Framework Redirecting

//second way PHP Framework Yii redirect with Param
$this->redirect(array('site/author','id'=>$model->id, 'title'=>$model->title));

//Like as 


Yii Framework Redirecting To External Domains

//Redirect Script in Yii ->Yii redirect to referrer URL


There are main 3 type of the PHP Based framework Yii Redirect Option Like as

  • Redirect Anywhere
  • Redirect Within Controller
  • Redirect Between Controller

Redirect Between Controller

//PHP yii Framework Redirect between controller

Redirect Within Controller

//PHP yii Framework Redirect within controller
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I hope you get an idea about Yii redirect to referrer URL.
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