how to wait 5 seconds in python?

Today, We want to share with you python wait 5 seconds.In this post we will show you Wait for 5 seconds and Wait for 500 milliseconds, hear for Python sleep(): How to Add Time Delays to Your Code we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about how to sleep in python? with an example.

How To Make a Python Program Wait?

If you’ve got a Python simple program as well as you want to make it wait for example time.sleep(5) 5 seconds, you can use a simple python function like this one:
time.sleep(x) where x is the number of total seconds that you want your easy program to wait.

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python sleep milliseconds

Simple Example python wait 10 seconds
it will make your program wait 10 seconds.


Example 2: In python it would be

import time 

Adding a Python sleep() Call With time.sleep()

Example 3: Sleep for 5 seconds

>>> import time
>>> time.sleep(5) # Sleep for 5 seconds

python wait 1 sec

import time
# Wait for 5 seconds
# Wait for 500 milliseconds
# .5 can also be used

how to wait in python?

import time
#Waits 1 second

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