image validation in jquery – How to validate image file in JavaScript?

image validation in jquery – jQuery to Show Image Preview after Validating Image Size and Type Before Upload in jquery Example with demo.

image validation in jquery

Validation of file size while uploading using JavaScript / jQuery. File upload size validation using jQuery with demo. Upload image with validation using jquery ajax form plugin.

File upload size validation using jQuery with demo


Check File Size & Extension Before Uploading Using jQuery

The HTML Code

The jQuery

$('input[type="submit"]').prop("disabled", true);
var a=0;
//binds to onchange event of your input field
$('#dpImg').bind('change', function() {
if ($('input:submit').attr('disabled',false)){
var ext = $('#dpImg').val().split('.').pop().toLowerCase();
if ($.inArray(ext, ['gif','png','jpg','jpeg']) == -1){
	var picsize = (this.files[0].size);
	if (picsize > 1000000){
	if (a==1){

jQuery validate file type before upload

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