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india independence day

Happy india independence day! Today’s article is a very special one, because today i will be reacting to something which is rather patriotic, Which i think especially fits in a day as this.

I’m going to react to something that is much requested, namely reacting to the Indian army.

I have never seen the parades of republic day before, but I’ve heard that there are great stunts, great visuals, and that it’s very impressive to see.

india republic day

Tuesday, 26 January Republic Day 2021 in India

india independence day
india independence day

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Happy Independence Day

I’m curious. Marching…So many friends, wow! The Prime Minister. I think this is in front of the India Gate. So many people! This is the actual marching. wow so well synced. this is incredible! the sync is really amazing! I can’t get over that! and being able actually to parade while Reading this side and still walk exactly straight. oh wow! special unit NSG.

oh wow! This looks really impressive! i like this uniform. Air forces as well. Oh it is in front of the India gate, wow it must be so impressive to see this as you are standing on that square Reading. well then I’ll be honest with you: if would stand there in the crowds, i would honestly be scared at this point! I know they’re not going to do anything but seeing this…

this size as well! and these people, i think are saluting like this for the entire parade. you actually don’t realize it as you see it, but this is really impressive. to keep your hand like that for the entire parade. getting near to the gate. with different kind of tanks as well. wow you can hear the marching! do you hear that sound of the marching? Oh man it’s so loud! wow the sync here as well it is amazing, and what i really really appreciate and like is that each and every regiment has a completely different uniform.

it looks really really impressive. wow oh one bike what oh wow i wonder… no, they are not even attached! they are able to drive so much close teach other, but i think they’re not even attached. Oh man this requires a lot of skill for sure. wow that was it, I’m very much impressed by what i have just seen! I have seen so much power! Which is also I guess the purpose of this, to display what kind of power India has in terms of military power. India has the second largest army in the whole world, and the fourth most powerful. I think that is definitely what we have seen in this article.

i saw so many regiments, i saw perfect marching, the missiles and the tanks as well were super impressive. As i said, i don’t know how i would feel being in that crowd with the jets going over and these these weapons everywhere around you. it’s a kind of situation that i personally don’t know as such. and even though the situation is not meant as threatening for you in the audience, obviously it is still…i would feel kind of frightened as well, by so much power display.

india republic day

i can really understand why people are going to these kind of parades because it must be amazing to see this as a spectator. i can totally totally see why people are going and also think that if we are in Delhi the next time that these parades are taking place i would definitely want to make sure that we are getting a place near those boundaries so that we can see it as well. because I’m very curious now to see that in person.

people from the military are practicing months, even four months in advance they start practicing, they start marching. I’ve even read YouTube comments later under this article that say that people who have actually participated in these marches that apparently they have to do the training in Delhi around 2 30 or 4 o’clock in the morning when it’s freezing cold.

they have to apparently practice for all this marching and everything and that even makes it more impressive! knowing how much work is put into this by each and every human participating in as i said I’m super impressed and i definitely want to seethes hell march as it is called in person. i definitely want that.

so for now let’s move towards the end of this article. i want to know from you what you are doing to celebrate this independence day this year please leave me a comment tell me what you are doing and inspire the others reading the comment section as well and with all of that being said we have come to the end of this article i hope that you are having a great independence day today please share yourself to my india republic day Article if you didn’t do that yet leave me a like and especially a comment as well with the way how you are celebrating independence day this year and let’s inspire each other and let’s have some discussion about how to celebrate this year with all that being said hope that you are having a great  india independence day thank you for Reading.

Foreigner reaction to Indian army Republic Day parade

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