jQuery AJAX Interview Questions and Answers

jQuery AJAX Interview Questions and Answers

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What is AJAX?

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. It is a group of related technologies to display data asynchronously.

What are the advantages of AJAX?

There are The Following List of AJAX Advantages.
1.Quick or easy Response
2.your Bandwidth utilization
3.User simple is not blocked any until data or content is retrieved from the Side of server Like as a PHP.

What are the disadvantages of AJAX?

There are The Following List of AJAX disadvantages
-Dependent on pure JavaScript
-your Security issues
-excutable or Debugging is difficult

What are the real web-apps of AJAX currently running in the market?

There are The Following List of web-apps of AJAX currently runningmode in market Like as a ..
3.Javatpoint and
4.Youtube etc.

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What are the security issues with AJAX?

first of all AJAX source code is very readable and easy
Attackers can simple insert script your laptop into the system

What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous requests?

Synchronous request simple used to blocks the user until response is same retrieved whereas asynchronous any doesn’t block all the user.

What are the technologies used by AJAX?

There are The Following List of AJAX technologies.
4.XMLHttpRequest and

What does XMLHttpRequest?

first of all sends data in the simple background
and seconds receives data
and third one is the updates data without any reloading the page

What are the properties of XMLHttpRequest?

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There are The Following List of XMLHttpRequest properties Like as a..
3.responseText and

What are the important methods of XMLHttpRequest?

There are The Following List of AJAX XMLHttpRequest important methods
2.send() and

What is JSON in AJAX?

JSON means for JavaScript Object Notation simple defination. It is very easy to understand and explanation and data exchange means changes is fast than XML technologies. It supports all the array.

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What are the different ready states of a request in AJAX?

There are The Following List of5 ready states of a jquery request in AJAX.
-> 0 stand UNOPENED
-> 1 stand OPENED
-> 3 stand LOADING and
-> 4 stand DONE

What are the types of post back in AJAX?

There are The Following List of two types of simple post back in AJAX.

1.Synchronous Postback and
2.Asynchronous Postback

What are the common AJAX frameworks?

There are The Following List of AJAX frameworks.
– Dojo Toolkit
– Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
– Spry
– MooTools
– Prototype

What is the difference between JavaScript and AJAX?

JavaScript creates a call request to the server side and waits for each the response. It consumes more simple more bandwidth as it each reloads the page.
AJAX sends for request to the simple server and doesn’t any wait for the data response. It doesn’t reload any the page so simple consumes less bandwidth.


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