jquery disable button

Today, We want to share with you jquery disable button.In this post we will show you javascript disable button click event, hear for javascript disable button on document ready we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about JQuery Disable Button After Click with an example.

how to disable button in jquery

To disable a button in jQuery, you can use the prop method to set the disabled attribute of the button to true. Here’s an example code snippet:

// select the button element using a jQuery selector
var $button = $('button#myButton');

// disable the button
$button.prop('disabled', true);

In the above code, replace button#myButton with a jQuery selector that targets the button you want to disable. The $button.prop(‘disabled’, true) statement will set the disabled attribute of the button to true, which will disable the button.

If you want to enable the button again, you can use the same prop method to set the disabled attribute to false, like this:

// enable the button
$button.prop('disabled', false);

This will remove the disabled attribute from the button and allow it to be clicked again.

jquery disable button after click

Example : 1 Bootstrap Disable Enable button javascript

Bootstrap Grid  - www.pakainfo.com

Example : 2 Enable Button

Bootstrap Grid  - www.pakainfo.com

Example : 3 How to disable a button in jQuery dialog from a function ?




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