jquery loop through table rows – jquery loop through table rows and columns

jquery loop through table rows – In depth jQuery each function usage i.e. jQuery for loop [5 ways] – You can iterate through the rows of an HTML table and retrieve the cell values using jQuery.

jquery loop through table rows

5 simple ways i use jQuery each() method. To iterate over an Array (Foreach loop), To iterate over Complex JSON Data, To iterate over Table Row (tr) and get TD value, To iterate over an Array of Object and To iterate over HTML element (LI tag).

Use jQuery each() function

using this method to iterate over an Array.

 var myArray = ["apple", "mango", "orange", "grapes", "banana"];

 $.each(myArray, function (index, value) {
 console.log(index+' : '+value);

#2 To iterate over an Array of Objects.


var obj= [
          { memberFname: "Bhakti" , sirName:"Banugariya", Gender:"F"},
          { memberFname: "Krishna" , sirName:"Bhanderi", Gender:"M"},
          { memberFname: "Lalaji" , sirName:"Sagpariya", Gender:"F"},
          { memberFname: "Komalo" , sirName:"pipaliya", Gender:"M"},
          { memberFname: "Hardik" , sirName:"Chovatiya", Gender:"F"}

   $.each(obj, function (index, value) {
          var first_name=value.memberFname;
          var last_name=value.sirName;
          console.log(first_name+" "+last_name);

#3 To iterate over a list element.

HTML code

  • Mayur
  • Ravi
  • Rekha
  • Darshti
  • Kishan
  • Sanjay
  • Sejal Ramani

jQuery Code

$("#all_things li").each(function(){
     var self=$(this);
$.each($("#all_things li"),function(){
     var self=$(this);

#4 To iterate over Table Row [ TR ].

HTML code

Sr noNameGenderLocation
1Mithun Ranpariya M Junagdh
2 Kishan Tala M Kalavad
3 Bhakti Banugariya F Surat
4 Lila Bhansaniya F Rajkot
5 Priyanka Joshi F Ahemdabad

jQuery Code:

$(".button").on('click', function () {

                $("#memberInfo tr").each(function () {
                    var self = $(this);
                    var membner_1_value = self.find("td:eq(0)").text().trim();
                    var membner_2_value = self.find("td:eq(1)").text().trim();
                    var membner_3_value = self.find("td:eq(2)").text().trim();
                    var membner_4_value = self.find("td:eq(3)").text().trim();
                    var result = membner_1_value + " - " + membner_2_value + " - " + membner_3_value + " - " + membner_4_value;

#5 To iterate over Complex JSON Data


  var json = [{"Member_ID":"101",
    {"Brand_ID":"101-M1","Brand_Name":"Dhara SE"},
    {"Brand_ID":"101-M2","Brand_Name":"Dhara 11"},
    {"Brand_ID":"101-M3","Brand_Name":"Dhara X Pro"}]
    {"Brand_ID":"201-M1","Brand_Name":"Vivo Z1X Pro"},
    {"Brand_ID":"201-M2","Brand_Name":"Vivo 17 Pro"},
    {"Brand_ID":"201-M3","Brand_Name":"Vivo UD"}]

HTML code

Member Name Brands

jQuery Code: Use of nested .each() method

var fragment="";
 var BrandHTML="";
  $.each(json, function (index, value) {          
		 var Member_ID=value.Member_ID;
          var Member_ID=value.Member_Name;
		  //now we do nested loop to get its Brands details.
         var objBrand=value.Brands;
		  BrandHTML +="";
		   $.each(objBrand, function (ind, val) {
		    var Brand_ID=val.Brand_ID;
              var Brand_Name=val.Brand_Name;			  
			   BrandHTML +="
  • "+Brand_Name+"
  • "; }); BrandHTML +="
      "; fragment +=""+Member_ID+" "+BrandHTML+" "; BrandHTML=""; }); $("#memberInfo").append(fragment);

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    How to iterate through a table rows and get the cell values using jQuery?

    To iterate through a table’s rows and get the cell values using jQuery, you can use the each() method to loop through the rows, and then use the find() method to get the cell values. Here’s an example:

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Row 1 Cell 1 Row 1 Cell 2 Row 1 Cell 3
    Row 2 Cell 1 Row 2 Cell 2 Row 2 Cell 3
    Row 3 Cell 1 Row 3 Cell 2 Row 3 Cell 3
    $(document).ready(function() {
      $('#myTable tbody tr').each(function() {
        var cell1 = $(this).find('td:eq(0)').text();
        var cell2 = $(this).find('td:eq(1)').text();
        var cell3 = $(this).find('td:eq(2)').text();
        console.log(cell1, cell2, cell3);

    In this example, we first select the table’s tbody element and loop through each of its tr elements using the each() method. Within the loop, we use the find() method to get the values of each cell by using its index with the :eq() selector. We then store the cell values in separate variables and display them in the console using the console.log() method.

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