jQuery toggleClass addClass removeClass Examples

jQuery toggleClass addClass removeClass Examples

In this Post We Will Explain About is jQuery toggleClass addClass removeClass Examples With Example and Demo.Welcome on Pakainfo.com – Examples, The best For Learn web development Tutorials,Demo with Example! Hi Dear Friends here u can know to addClass, removeClass, hasClass and toggleClass in jQueryExample

In this post we will show you Best way to implement jQuery addClass(), removeClass(), toggleClass() example, hear for jQuery Add and Remove CSS Classeswith Download .we will give you demo,Source Code and examples for implement Step By Step Good Luck!.

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jQuery addClass() Method Example


.customdata {
    font-size: 200%;
    color: green;

<h1>This is a First heading For : Pakainfo.com</h1>

<span>This is a my first POST.</span>
<span>This is second one another POST.</span>


How to remove class from all elements jquery

<div id="menuItems"> 
 <ul id="contentLeft" class="stock_move"> 
 <li class="sep">Shakes and Floats</li> 
 <li id="997" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Vanilla</b>     </a></li> 
 <li id="998" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Peanut Butter</b></a></li> 
 <li id="999" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Combo</b></a></li> 
 <li id="900" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Chocolate</b></a></li> 
 <li id="901" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Strawberry</b></a></li> 
 <li id="903" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Banana</b></a></li> 
 <li id="904" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Root Beer Float</b></a></li> 
 <li id="905" class="highlight"><a href="#"><strong>$41.00</strong><b>Espresso</b></a></li> 
 $(".stock_move li").removeClass("highlight");

jQuery toggleClass to Switch Between Classes


<p id="mypargraph1" class="toggle red">live</p>
<p id="mypargraph2" class="toggle green">w3free</p>
<p id="mypargraph3" class="toggle green">itfiddle</p>
<p id="mypargraph4" class="toggle green">donkey</p>
<button>Toggle classes for first two p elements</button>

  $('.toggle').toggleClass('red green');

.red{ color:red; }
.green{ color:green; }
.blue{ color:blue; }


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