Laravel 5.7 Bootstrap Admin Panel Templates Integrate

Today, We want to share with you Laravel 5.7 Bootstrap Admin Panel Templates Integrate.In this post we will show you Integrate admin template in Laravel 5.7, hear for Laravel Admin Packages to Use for Backend step by step we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about PHP Laravel 5.7 – Bootstrap Admin Theme Integration example from scratch with an example.

Laravel 5.7 Bootstrap Admin Panel Templates Integrate

There are the Following The simple About Laravel 5.7 Bootstrap Admin Panel Templates Integrate Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Laravel 5.7 Admin Panel Generators, so the Laravel 5.7 Admin Panel Generators for this example is following below.

Laravel Application Directory Structure

There are the following the list of the Simple Application Structure of Laravel 5.7 Framework

Laravel’s App Directory

  • Console
  • Exceptions
  • Http
  • –>Controllers
  • –>Middleware
  • Providers

Laravel’s Bootstrap Directory

  • bootstrap
  • –>cache

Laravel’s Config Directory

  • app.php
  • auth.php
  • broadcasting.php
  • cache.php
  • database.php
  • filesystems.php
  • mail.php
  • queue.php
  • services.php
  • session.php
  • view.php

Database Directory

  • database migrations
  • database seeds

Public Directory

  • images
  • js
  • css

Routes Directory

  • web.php
  • api.php
  • console.php

Storage Directory

Path : storage/app/public

Step 1: Install the Laravel 5.7

composer create-project laravel/laravel adminlaravel_template --prefer-dist

Laravel Define Route

Laravel define the route for the admin template.

Route::get('/', function () {
    return view('welcome');


Route::get('/home', 'HomeController@index')->name('home');

Step 2: Create a layout file called default.blade.php



@include('includes.header') @include('includes.sidebar')
@yield ('scripts')


Your_Project_name InfoMedia




Your_Project_name InfoMedia







     * Show the application dashboard.
     * @return \Illuminate\Http\Response
    public function index()
        return view('home');

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