Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial From Scratch

Today, We want to share with you Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial From Scratch.In this post we will show you Create Live Search Box In Laravel 5.6, hear for Laravel Full Text Search Tutorial With Example we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about Laravel Typeahead Search Tutorial With Example with an example.

Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial From Scratch

There are the Following The simple About Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial From Scratch Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop search functionality in laravel 5.6, so the some major files and Directory structures for this example is following below.

Laravel Live Search Tutorial

  • Laravel Live Search Tutorial
  • Install Laravel Project
  • Settings SQL Database
  • Install searchable Package
  • Laravel Migrate Table
  • Modify Model
  • Make a view file
  • Make simple Laravel controller
  • Make Route

Step 1: Install Laravel Project

simple commands run to Install New Laravel Project in terminal

$ composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel/livetextsearch

Step 2: Settings SQL Database

Laravel setup database

[email protected]

Step 3 : Install Laravel searchable Package

 composer require nicolaslopezj/searchable

Step 4: Migrate Table in Database

php artisan migrate

Laravel Authentication

php artisan make:auth

Step 5: Update Model



            '' => 10,
            '' => 5,
    protected $fillable = [
        'name', 'email', 'password',

    protected $hidden = [
        'password', 'remember_token',

I can Laravel register the member information in a database

php artisan tinker

factory(App\Member::class, 100)->create();

Step 6: Make a view/List file

resources >> views >> search.blade.php


    <title>Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial From Scratch</title>

   <h1>Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial From Scratch</h1>
    <div class="container">
        <h1>Laravel Full Text Search Tutorial</h1>
      <form method="GET" action="{{ url('index') }}">
            <div class="row">
                <div class="col-md-6">
                <div class="col-md-6">
                    <button class="btn btn-success">Live Search</button>
   <br />
      <table class="table table-bordered">
                <th>Member Name</th>
                <th>Member Email</th>
                @foreach($members as $member)
                    <td>{{ $member->id }}</td>
                    <td>{{ $member->name }}</td>
                    <td>{{ $member->email }}</td>
                <td colspan="3" class="text-danger">Members not found.</td>


Step 7: Make Laravel controller

 php artisan make:controller SearchMemberController



    		$members = Member::search($request->get('search'))->get();	
    		$members = Member::get();
        return view('search', compact('members'));

Step 8: Laravel file set Route

I Laravel register main route folders in a web.php file.

Route::get('index','[email protected]');

Laravel Live Search Example Tutorial – output

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