List of Olympic Sports Games host cities

List of Olympic Sports Games host cities

Today, We want to share with you List of Olympic Sports Games host cities.
In this post we will show you Winter Olympic Games, hear for List of Olympic Games host cities we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Winter Summer Past and Future Olympics with an example.

About The olympic:

The Olympic Games are held every 4 years, with the Summer and Winter Games and more than 300 nations participating in the olympic game and International sporting 408 events in olympic.

Next Olympics

  • Host city‎: ‎Tokyo‎, Japan
  • Opening ceremony‎: ‎24 July
  • Events‎: ‎324 in 33 sports
  • Closing ceremony‎: ‎9 August

List of Upcoming olympics:

City Country Year
Pyeongchang South Korea 2018
Tokyo Japan 2020
Beijing China 2022

2020 Summer Olympic Sports:

– Archery,badminton,baseball and softball,basketball
– beach volleyball,cycling (track, road, mountain, BMX),diving,equestrian (dressage, jumping and eventing)
– fencing,field ,judo,karate,modern pentathlon
– roller sport,rowing,rugby 7s,sailing,shooting
– soccer / football,swimming,surfing,synchronized swimming
– table tennis,triathlon,water polo
– weightlifting,wrestling,taekwondo,tennis
– track and field,hockey,golf,gymnastics,handball
– boxing,canoe / kayak,climbing

Recently Added Sports:

* Baseball and softball added for 2020
* karate added for 2020 ,surfing added for 2020
* golf in 2016,rugby union in 2016
* roller sport added for 2020
* climbing added for 2020

Recently Removed Sports:

Softball (in 2008), baseball (in 2008)

Ancient Olympics:

Boxing,Equestrian events: Chariot racing, Riding, Running, Wrestling,Running,Pankration,Pentathlon: Discus, Javelin, Jump

Previous Olympic Sports:

croquet,polo,cricket,lacrosse,jeu de paume,tug-of-war,plunge for distance,underwater swimming,obstacle race for swimming,racquets,motor boating

2020 Tokyo Olympics:

Japan recycles old phones and gadgets to make medals for 2020 Olympics and Gold, silver and bronze will be extracted from donated phones by japan government which will help make medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics this is first time old gadgets have been repurposed to create Olympic medals in history this project has a clear environmental benefit to japan , but it also aims to reduce the economic burden of hosting the Olympics. The city of Tokyo has started collecting old mobile phones and recycle them into 5,000 gold medals, silver medals and bronze medals for the 2020 Summer Olympics tokyo,japan. The games which are currently expected to cost around $16.8 billion in olympic The medals used in the Vancouver 2020 and Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games were also made with metals that had been recovered from unwanted gadgets

The Tokyo metropolitan government set aside a fund of 3 billion USD to cover the cost of hosting the olympic game and it is 28 of the 33 competition venues in Tokyo are within 4.97 miles of the Olympic Villagein japan. 11 new venues are to be constructed by japan government

The opening ceremony category tickets will range from 2.5k to 150k yen. 30k yen will be the maximum price for the final of popular games like athletics and swimming and The average price of all the Olympic tickets is 7,700 yen. 60% of the tickets will be sold for 4,400 yen or less in online and shop of japan . Tickets will be sold through 40,000 shops in Japan and on the online wabsite of olympic ticket

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