how to create model in laravel (With Example)?

Today, We want to share with you make model in laravel.In this post we will show you laravel eloquent relationships, hear for laravel collection we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about
How to create model object in controller in laravel?
with an example.

Laravel create model migration and controller in a single command

php artisan make model

Example :

php artisan make:model Member

php artisan make:model --migration --controller Member --resource  

php artisan make:model -mc Member --resource

more short way like below.

php artisan make:model Member -mcr

using laravel create on model


$member = Member::create([
    'profile_name' => 'Virat',
    'last_name' => 'Kohali',
    'title' => 'Developer',

$member->title = 'Painter';

$member->isDirty(); // true
$member->isDirty('title'); // true
$member->isDirty('profile_name'); // false

$member->isClean(); // false
$member->isClean('title'); // false
$member->isClean('profile_name'); // true


$member->isDirty(); // false
$member->isClean(); // true

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