mood ring color meanings – what do mood ring colors mean?

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mood ring color meanings – The Meaning of Colors in Mood Rings step by step learn with Chart – green: passion , purple: love, orange: stress, amber: excitement, red: anger, blue: relaxation, and brown: frustration.

Have you ever think about how a mood ring works? Also, what are the black color, blue color, brown color, green color, pink, purple and red mood ring color meanings? Learn more.

mood ring color meanings

This chart displays the best colors of the representative 1970s mood ring as well as the full meanings connected with the mood ring best colors. I will show a Mood Meanings images, Chart with table every mood great product purchased.

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Here are some of the most common mood ring color chart meanings and the connected emotions. The popular primary color for a mood ring to turn is between green color as well as blue color.

Black Color Meaning – Stressed

Angst, Depressed, Fear, Intense,Nothing, Overworked, Serious, Stormy and Stressed.

Brown Color Meaning – Cautiousness

Anxious, Cautious, Cool, Distracted, Mellow, Nervous and So-So.

Orange Color Meaning – Nervous

Challenged, Confused, Indignant,Mixed, Nervous, Unsettled and Upset.

Green/Celtic Color Meaning – Worry

Active, Distressed, Irritated, Mixed Emotions, Restless and Worried.

Light Blue Color Meaning – Pleasant

Accepting, Calm, Flirtatious, Motivated, Normal, Optimistic, Peaceful, Pleasant,Pleased, Relaxed and Upbeat.

Dark Blue Color Meaning – Worry

Bliss, Deeply Relaxed, Giving,Happy and Lovestruck.

Purple Color Meaning – Passion

Amorous, Dreamer, Heat, Love, Mischievous, Moody, Romance and Sensual.

Pink Color Meaning- Happy

Affectionate, Curious, Infatuated, Loving, Very Happy and Warm.

mood ring color meanings
mood ring color meanings

Mood Ring Color Meanings

Color Meaning
Black Neutral (unresponsive), stressed, fearful.
Brown Fearful, worried, rebellious.
Red Aroused, thrilled, excited.
Orange Excited, on edge, impatient.
Yellow Wary, nervous, tense.
Green Balanced, peaceful, mixed emotions.
Blue Friendly, happy, relaxed.
Purple Deeply relaxed, blissful.
Pink Loving, affectionate, wonder.
White Meditative, confused, stunned.
Gray Aloof, cool, indifferent.
Multicolored Mixed emotions usually denoting rapid temperature change and therefore emotions.

Ring Size:

  • 10 size=20mm in diameter
  • 6 size=16mm in diameter
  • 7 size=17mm in diameter
  • 8 size=18mm in diameter
  • 9 size=19mm in diameter

Cool, The popular useful color Mood for a mood ring to turn is between green coloe and blue color. Chart of Mood Ring Colors and Meanings · Black: Usually, the “cold” color of a mood ring is black or brown.

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