onclick image zoom jquery demo – Click/Tap To Smooth Zoom Images – Image Zoom Plugin

onclick image zoom jquery demo means Zoom Image Onclick using jquery. A plugin to enlarge images on touch, click, or mouseover.

onclick image zoom jquery demo

Thumbnails click image zoom in lightbox. Image Popup jQuery plugin can be used to make images pop when clicked.

onclick zoom image jquery

Attach the function to your image within the document. Done.

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Apply the image zoom functionality to all images in a portfolio.

portfolio 1 portfolio 2 portfolio 3
$(function(){ $('.my-portfolio').imageZoom({ $(this).imageZoom(); }); });

Determine the zoom level. Default: ‘150’.

      zoom: 200

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Removing Zoom

$('#portfolio').zoom(); // add zoom
$('#portfolio').trigger('zoom.destroy'); // remove zoom

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