onclick return confirm – How to display a confirmation dialog when clicking an link?

onclick return confirm – you can use the confirm() function in an inline onclick handler. How to display a confirmation dialog when clicking an anchor link? Using the JavaScript confirmation dialog to confirm user actions.

onclick return confirm

in this example we learn to onclick javascript confirm & button onclick return confirm Examples. The confirm() method shows a dialog box with a specified error, success or any types of the message, along with an OK as well as Cancel button.


javascript confirm yes no Example

var is_active = confirm("Are you sure you want to is_active?");
if (is_active) {
} else {
  //don't is_active

javascript onclick alert are you sure


jquery confirmation dialog example

    title:"Delete confirmation",
    text:"This is very best, you shouldn't do it! Are you really really sure?",
    confirm: function(button) {
        alert("You simple confirmed.");
    cancel: function(button) {
        alert("You some main issue the bad operation.");
    confirmButton: "Yes We are",
    cancelButton: "No"

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button onclick return confirm

are you sure javascript?

$(function() {
    $('.is_active').click(function(e) {
        if (window.confirm("Are you sure?")) {
            location.href = this.href;

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