onscroll jquery – jquery on scroll event Example

onscroll jquery A scroll event is sent whenever the element’s scroll position changes, regardless of the cause.

onscroll jquery

The event is triggered when the user moves the scrollbar up or down. jQuery scroll() function triggers when the element is scrolled.

Syntax of jquery on scroll

Trigger the scroll event for the selected elements:


Attach a function to the scroll event:


jquery on scroll down

Check current scrollTop vs previous scrollTop

var endScrlTp = 0;
   var st = $(this).scrollTop();
   if (st > endScrlTp){
       // downscroll source code
   } else {
      // upscroll source code
   endScrlTp = st;

jQuery scroll() method



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Scroll the bordered text to see the effect.

This is an example of using the scroll() method.

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