Today, We want to share with you PHP Get Full URL PATH QUERY STRING.In this post we will show you PHP Get Absolute Path, Document Root, Base URL, hear for PHP Document Root, Path and URL detection we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about how to find the exact path of the file upload in php with an example.


There are the Following The simple About PHP Get Full URL PATH QUERY STRING Full Information With Example and source code.

As I will cover this Post with live Working example to develop Get current URL path in PHP, so the some php get current url without query string for this example is following below.

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PHP Get full url with parameters

Full URL :”.””;
echo “


echo “Path :”.$path = $_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’];
echo “


echo “File Name :”.$file_name = basename($_SERVER[‘PHP_SELF’]);
echo “


echo “Get the absolute path :”.$base_dir = __DIR__;
echo “


echo “Get the document root :”.$doc_root = preg_replace(“!${_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_NAME’]}$!”, ”, $_SERVER[‘SCRIPT_FILENAME’]);
echo “


// server protocol
echo “Get the server protocol :”.$protocol = empty($_SERVER[‘HTTPS’]) ? ‘http’ : ‘https’;
echo “

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// domain name
echo “Get the server protocol :”.$domain = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_NAME’];
echo “


// base url
$base_dir = __DIR__;
echo “Get the base url :”.$base_url = preg_replace(“!^${doc_root}!”, ”, $base_dir);
echo “


// server port
echo “Get the server port :”.$port = $_SERVER[‘SERVER_PORT’];
echo “


//PHP Get URL with Parameter
echo “PHP Get URL with Parameter :”.$_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’];
echo “


echo “


//PHP Get hostname
echo “PHP Get hostname :”.$_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’];
echo “



Paths and Directories in PHP


Full URL :

Path :/pakainfo-apps-demo-examples/blog/test.php

File Name :test.php

Get the absolute path :/home/pakainfo/public_html/pakainfo-apps-demo-examples/blog

Get the document root :/home/pakainfo/public_html

Get the server protocol :https

Get the server protocol

Get the base url :/pakainfo-apps-demo-examples/blog

Get the server port :443

PHP Get URL with Parameter :/pakainfo-apps-demo-examples/blog/test.php?id=5&name=userfname

PHP Get QUERY_STRING :id=5&name=userfname

Angular 6 CRUD Operations Application Tutorials

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