React JS Interview Questions and Answers

React JS Interview Questions and Answers

In this Post We Will Explain About is React JS Interview Questions and Answers With Tutorials and Interview Questions.

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Que 1 : What is ReactJS?

Simple meaning of the React is front end all the external library developed by Facebook.

Que 2 : Why ReactJS is used?

React is used to all the DOM handle the view part HTML of Mobile application as well as Web application.

Que 3 : Does ReactJS use HTML?

No, It uses simple JSX which is based on alternative to HTML.

Que 4 : When ReactJS released?

ReactJS released Date is the March 2013

Que 5 : What are the feature of ReactJS?

JSX: JSX is core JavaScript all the syntax extension.
Components : and js framework React is all simple about components.
One new direction flow:simple React js implements one way bindning data flow which created it easy to simple reason about your mobile application as well as web app

Que 6 : What are the Advantages of ReactJS?

React uses HTML virtual DOM which is simple JavaScript create object. This shell improve web-apps or mobile app performance
It may be used on simple broser side means client and server side data pass
Component and all the view Data patterns all the viewimprove readability.
could be used with new other js framework also.

Que 7 : What is current stable version of ReactJS?

simple aboutr this Version: 15.5
as well as date release on: =>” April 7, 2017″”

Que 8 : What is Repository URL of ReactJS?

Like as a this External libs :

Que 9 : What are the life Cycle of ReactJS?

There are the following the list of life Cycle phase
Phase 1 : Initialization modes
Phase 2 : State/Property Updates and
Phase 3 : Destruction

Que 10 : How to embed two components in One component?

//include header
import React from 'react';
//set class
class Applive extends React.Component {
   render() {
      return (
); } } //extends class with name class Header extends React.Component { render() { return (


); } } //set componets class Content extends React.Component { render() { return (


wel-come to

); } } export default Applive;


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