select2 example – Jquery Select2 – Select box with search example code

select2 example – Jquery Select2 – Select box with search example code Explain Chosen and Select2 with examples. Select2 is a jQuery-based replacement for select boxes.

select2 example – Dynamic option creation

It supports searching, remote data sets, and pagination of results. Select2 plugin is used to customize HTML select element.

select 2 dropdown

  maximumSelectionLength: 2

Select2 dropdown example


    Jquery Select2 - Select Box with Search Option -  

Select Box with Search Option Jquery Select2.js - Example

add image in select2 dropdown

    templateResult: formatcategory,
    templateSelection: formatcategory

function formatcategory (fldt) {
    if (! {
        return fldt.text.toUpperCase();

    var fldtimage = $(fldt.element).attr('data-image'); 
       return fldt.text.toUpperCase();
    } else {                    
        var $fldt = $(
           'select2 example,select2 example ajax,select2 example angular,select2,select2 js ' + fldt.text.toUpperCase() + ''
        return $fldt;

select2 replace options

var showDataDropDown = function () {
    var details = [];
    var selectedplayer = $("#players").val();
    $.each(pageData.products[selectedplayer].qty, function (key, value) {
            text: value,
            id: key
        data: details


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