sql add date – How to Add Days to a Date in SQL?

sql add date – DATEADD(): Functions is used when we want to get date by adding days or month or year in given date. The ADDDATE() function adds a time/date interval to a date and then returns the date.

sql add date – DATEADD SQL function introduction and overview

sql add date – DATEADD(), How to get new date by adding Days, month or years in MS SQL database? . We can use the SQL SERVER DATEADD function to get a new column after adding the required date value.

Syntax : DATEADD Function

DATEADD( interval, number, date )

Syntax – DATEADD(DATEPART, number, datecolumn)


sql server current date minus 5 years

           DATEADD(day,-2,GETDATE()) 'Today - 2 Days'
           DATEADD(dd,-2,GETDATE()) 'Today - 2 Days'
           DATEADD(d,-2,GETDATE()) 'Today - 2 Days'

datetime add 2 hours sql

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The following table lists the valid values of date_part:

date_part abbreviations
year yy, yyyy
quarter qq, q
month mm, m
dayofyear dy, y
day dd, d
week wk, ww
hour hh
minute mi, n
second ss, s
millisecond ms
microsecond mcs
nanosecond ns

How to add days to the current date?

Select (Getdate()+360) As MyDate

How to add time to DateTime in SQL

SELECT DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, 0, GETDATE()), '03:30:00')

Query to get Date & time after 6 days from current datetime in MS SQL:

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Select DATEADD(DAY, 6, GETDATE()) as NewDatetime

Query to get Date & time 6 days ago from current datetime in MS SQL:

Select DATEADD(DAY, -6, GETDATE()) as NewDatetime

Add 6 Months to Current Date:

Select DATEADD(MONTH, 6, GETDATE()) as NewDatetime

Add 6 years to Current Date:

Select DATEADD(YEAR, 6, GETDATE()) as NewDatetime

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