Top 10 Advanced CSS Interview Questions Answers

Top 10 Advanced CSS Interview Questions Answers

Today, We want to share with you Top 10 Advanced CSS Interview Questions Answers.
In this post we will show you Top 10 CSS Interview Questions & Answers, hear for Top 10 CSS Interview Questions and Answers we will give you demo and example for implement.
In this post, we will learn about Top CSS Interview Questions With Answers with an example.

Question 1 :What is CSS?

Answer : Cascading Style Sheets
It is a styling language
CSS is simple All the Tags or elements for HTML.
CSS is popular in web designing,
CSS web-application is common in XHTML.

Question 2 : What are the advantages of CSS ?

Answer : List of CSS advantages
Site-wide structure consistency
Page tabing and reformatting
all more reduce code Accessibility
Data content separated parts from presentation

Question 3 : How many types of the style sheets?

Answer : There are main 3 types of style sheetsInline, Embedded and External

Question 4 :what is the meaning of the W3C?

Answer : World Wide Web ConsortiumW3C simple meaning of the World Wide Web Consortium.

Question 5 :What is tweening?

Answer : generating intermediate frames tweening is the process of simple creating intermediate oe types of the frames between two or more images.

Question 6 :What is the float property of CSS?

Answer : move the Elements to the right or left along with the stringsThe CSS float property is main used to move one place to other page the image to the basically right or left between with the some string or texts to be wrapped all the data content around it.

Question 7 :What are the limitations of CSS ?

Answer : Limitations are:
– Ascending by any selectors Like as a(id, class, name) is not possible
-Limitations of element vertical control
-No expressions
-No any column declaration
-Define any Rules, or any styles, particular targeting specific text or value not possible

Question 8 :How to check Your website is responsive OR Not?

Answer : One type of the servicePlease Enter your website url and check

Question 9 :34. How can the dimension be defined of HTML an element ?

Answer : List of Dimension properties Height, Max-height, Max-width, Min-height, Min-width, Width

Question 10 :What is at-rule?

Answer : simple Rulein CSS Rule, which is all the conapplicable applicable in the entire Style sheet and not partly, is stands as at-rule. at-rule preceded by Like asa @ as well as followed by A-Z, a-z or 0-9 List.

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